Advertising Style Guide

Welcome to the Reed Commercial Style Guide – your best resource to get the best response out of your opportunity listings!

The Perfect Style

Below you will find the standard format for how we suggest you should write your advert for your opportunities.

Opp page3

Opp page2

Let’s take these one by one:

1) The franchise for sale title

The franchise for sale title should be short and to the point. Typically, it consists of the industry sector the opportunity is in, and the location in brackets at the end.

2) About the franchise for sale

The About Us section is your chance to let potential franchisees know all about you!

You should include a bit about who you are, and what it is that you specialise in. You may want to include how many franchises you have across the country and how long you have been going for. Remember to make this section short and snappy to keep the potential franchisee interested in the opportunity you have. We suggest writing no more than 150 words.

3) Description

Possibly the most important part of the advert – this is your chance to explain about what you have on offer!

As has been suggested in the picture above, the use of bullet points to break down the benefits or tenets of the job is highly advised. Remember, this part isn’t just about what you are looking for, but also about what the franchisee can get out of buying into your system as well. A word count guideline for this sections would be up to around 200 words.

4) Why ‘Your Franchise’?

So, this far, you’ve explained who you are, what’s on offer, the only thing now is to ensure that the franchisee knows exactly why your franchise is the perfect one of them!

As well as including why your franchise is the best, you may want to include what support is on offer, how much someone can expect to earn, and possibly some testimonials from current franchisees.

5) How Do I Find Out More?

You’ve now written a masterclass advert, you don’t want to waste all that effort by not giving the potential franchisee the right information to actually go ahead and purchase the opportunity!

Ensure that your details are correctly written, and that you include a ‘call to action’ (a phrase such as ‘call now’) to make sure that franchisees are motivated to do it there and then.

After that, sit back, and wait for the leads to start coming in!

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