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Getting more from life after a year on the road with Mac Tools

People take on a franchise with Mac Tools for numerous reasons but chief among them is a need for a change of lifestyle.

One man who chose to change his life by taking on a Mac Tools franchise a year ago is former motor mechanic Chris Lambert.

Just over a year ago Chris Lambert realised that while the position he was in offered both comfort and security, it was also proving to be very repetitive. As Chris himself says, “I was a vehicle technician at a VW garage, and after 12 years starting as an apprentice and finishing as a fully qualified technician, I realised I wanted more from life. I also knew I would have to step out of my comfort zone to achieve that.”

Chris’ first step was to start looking online at various recruitment sites hoping to find an alternative job that would provide the new challenges he was seeking. However, nothing appealed until a conversation at work changed his entire life. “I spoke with my Mac man at the time when he was visiting the garage I was working at and I liked what I heard when he told me about his life as a franchisee.”

Finding the balance

Now, a year on from that fateful conversation has Chris achieved what he set out do? “In terms of work life improvements, I have found that every day is different and brings a new challenge to overcome. It’s not just in the 9-5 that my life has changed. In my personal life, I now have the flexibility to be present at things like my five-year-old sons’ school sports days, plays and parent consultations to name just a few. I’m able to drop the boys off at school once a week now and I find myself able to spend more time with them over the weekends.”

Chris has been able to make such a dramatic change to his life thanks to the support of the entire Mac Tools team and he’s very quick to acknowledge this. “The support from Mac Tools has been fantastic, from the great team in customer services to the area managers. They are always at the end of the phone and willing to help with anything.”

“I believe that my workshop experience has also helped me in this journey – being aware of the customers’ needs, as I used to be one, and naturally feeling comfortable in a workshop. However, I know from talking to other Mac men that as long as you are willing to work hard and commit to the brand it doesn’t matter what background you come from, the Mac team are always there to back you up.”

Life on the road

Talking to Chris, it is obvious just how much he is enjoying his change of career and his life on the road as a Mac Tools franchisee and on that subject, he is very forthcoming with advice for anyone who wants to follow in his tyre tracks. “Obviously, it’s only been a year so I’m still learning but I would definitely recommend keeping on top of the back office work. What I mean by that is taking care of the paperwork, invoices, tax records, etc. Falling behind on any of that can cause unnecessary catch-up work.” He continues with advice saying, “Don’t panic if you have a quiet day, there is always the next stop which has just as much chance of bringing you a sale. Most importantly, enjoy it. This year has flown by for me in a complete blur.”

It can be taken from Chris’ comments that he really enjoys his life on the road as a Mac Tools man, and that he is usually very busy, but just what does he get up to each day as he visits the garages and workshops he deals with?

Chris’ working day

“I’m not so sure there is a typical day, if I’m honest. An early wake-up and having breakfast with my boys starts me off well and most of my preparation for the day will have been done the evening before. I’ll have a quick tidy up of the van ensuring I’m well stocked and that I have any special orders on board then it’s off to my first call. I have with me a list of that day’s calls and customers, along with any orders for them.”

“Entering the garage with my tote bag of special offers I greet my customers individually. Then there’s the challenge of getting them onto the van and making a sale. After my last call, I head home. Once there, I print out my daily report, go through my orders from the day, check in any deliveries that may have arrived and print out my reports for the following day. This just scratches the surface really as there are also emails, phone calls, text messages and social media to tend to, returns and orders and so much more, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

One year on

When Chris was asked to sum up his first year on the road as a Mac Tools franchise holder, he said, “On a personal level, being able to step out of my comfort zone on a daily basis has been hugely positive for me. Building relationships with customers has been very satisfying and the buzz of a sale, especially a big one, can’t be ignored.”

“There’s also a sense of satisfaction that comes from proving all the doubters wrong who said I wouldn’t last six months. Here I am a year on and business is getting better each and every day. Not only that, but the additional family time gained and the satisfaction of growing my own business means so much more that I can put into words.”

Ready to start your life on the road?

If you’re interested in finding out more about Mac Tools, take a look at their franchise profile today.

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