Real People, Real Success: Tania’s Story (YB 12)

Since 1989, YB 12 have been involved in business and personal development and in that time more than 100,000 people have attended their public seminars and workshops.

YB 12 help people hone their life-skills and tap into their full potential. Tania shares her story; from corporate senior manager to YB 12 franchisee.

When did you become a YB 12 Franchisee?

‘I signed up with YB 12 in March 2015, as the programmes and the structure of the business seemed to be right for me.

I was taking a big leap from the relative security of the corporate world of hospitality, where I was a senior manager, to self-employment and coaching, with only a limited amount of experience of either.’

Did the franchisor provide training?

‘The support and training was amazing; from day one I was welcomed aboard  personally by the senior team in Australia, and with the support of my Master Coach in the UK, I was able to start to learn the materials.

I found there to be a wealth of information on the Back Office, in past Webinars and useful documentation.  And the weekly webinars and team conference calls were useful in keeping me structured and focussed. I also started to find out how to build my business and market myself through the marketing and entrepreneurial webinars available to me.
It is great to interact with the senior leadership team, including John Grant, CEO, on a weekly basis.’

What did you like most about the training?

‘I was also able to work through the material by applying it to myself – so being clear on what I want to achieve in my life (for the first time ever!), setting my goals and working with the action plan, whilst doing all the background reading and learning how I really could build my confidence and my power to be an achiever.

I practised the keynote over and over, in front of my ipad, critiquing and correcting until I could make it my own, and was authorised at the beginning of May.  I had also networked relentlessly since March, so had some good leads up my sleeve.’

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How have you found running your franchise so far?

‘I had some initial big wins, signing up the owners and management team of a small but expanding business in my chosen niche market, a couple of Classic clients, and enough to run a small ‘trial’ Total Focus workshop.  I found the keynote  an incredibly useful marketing tool and am following the system to book more in.

I am still working on improving my selling skills, to ensure the hard work doesn’t go to waste and we had a great training session on this at our monthly meeting in London with my Master Coach.

I am finding the research and calling quite challenging mentally, so am researching hiring a PR Manager to help me.  I have found the training and support on this gives me confidence that it is probably the right thing for me.  My strengths are building relationships and delivering the coaching and training in an engaging way, so that is how I will build my YB 12 business.’

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