Franchisee Focus: Rebecca Vere (P-zazz)

Since 2005, primary schools around the UK have been choosing P-zazz to provide the most inspirational and exciting range of creative clubs.

Now running over 1000 clubs around the UK and Ireland with over 15,000 participants, P-zazz is going from strength to strength.

Below Rebecca, one of the newest franchisees, reveals her journey to becoming part of the P-zazz family.

Why Performing & Creative Arts?

Musical theatre has been my absolute passion since I first performed in Hair at the Old Vic theatre, London 22 years ago. I’ve been very fortunate to have made a wonderful living from music and theatre ever since, performing in a wide range of amazing productions.

My love of performing has been lifelong but if I had to choose, I’d say the highlight so far has been my 2 years in the West End with Les Misérables.

When it came to my career I knew that even if I left the stage, staying in drama was a must.

What makes a good performing arts club?

The teaching!

When I was at school, my drama club was the absolute highlight of my week. I was lucky enough to have great teachers who endlessly told me ‘You can do it!’ and, guess what? I could! Drama gave me confidence for life and THAT CONFIDENCE is what I want to awaken and nurture in every child attending one of my P-zazz clubs.

What attracted you to P-zazz?

I think P-zazz have a genuinely innovative approach to drama and music. I know from experience, with my own children, that there are many drama and music clubs but the quality and teaching is very variable.

I think children deserve the best and I know that the content of the P-zazz sessions and quality of the P-zazz brand are just that – the best!


Biggest challenges ahead?

The business side isn’t something I have any experience in, so I think that’ll be tough at first. Because I was concerned about that, I looked for the franchisor who would give me the best business support. That was P-zazz.

I’m receiving a huge amount of training and on-going support. Marketing, finance and all of the IT you need is included in the initial training. Plus, I know they already have successful franchisees with and without business experience.

What are you most looking forward to as a P-zazz franchisee?

I have 8 year old twins who adore music and – like most children  – have a wonderful ability to express themselves. I want to have the opportunity to share my passion and skills with children and to pass on the excitement that I feel about the performing arts.

It’s my dream to work with groups of children and watch each child really grow and blossom!

Working in the care sector is also something I’m looking forward to embracing. I think it’s a great extra dimension to the P-zazz business model – it’s a privilege to be able to work with older and vulnerable people.

On a more practical note, of course a P-zazz franchise will give me the perfect opportunity to build a business around the needs and timetables of my family. Controlling when, where and with whom I work – well, that’s never happened before!

I can’t wait to get stuck in!

Fancy joining P-zazz and changing lives through the power of drama? Check out this franchise here.

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