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Tooling up for a change in life (Mac Tools)

Many people find that after years spent in the same job they feel the need for a change.

Whether it is a yearning to get out of an office, a chance to work closer to home, or the desire to become their own boss, all share the common aim of taking control of their working lives. The three newest franchisees to join the Mac Tools family are among those who put forward just such reasons for their life-changing moves.

Paul Turner

Paul Turner realised the only way he could attain fulfilment in his working life, after 10 years in entertainment lighting sales, was to have a complete change
of direction. One of the main driving forces behind that desire was to be able to work closer to home as he felt he’d spent far too much time away, travelling long distances in his previous sales role.

Having initially been told about the numerous benefits of being a Mac Man by another Mac Tools franchise holder, Paul couldn’t be happier with his decision to become a Mac Tools franchisee, “Now I’m on the road with my Mac Tools van it’s like having a mobile toolbox. It’s been a great opportunity and I’m finally in control of my own destiny.”

Dave Smith

A similar story is told by Dave Smith, who now has a Mac Tools franchise covering the Leicester area. “I have always loved tools and part of my role in a previous position was tool development. When I began to think about taking the franchise route, having spent 25 years in automotive glazing and feeling ready for a change of direction, Mac Tools was the obvious choice for me. From the day I started, I’ve never looked back.”

Andy’s Irving

A keen interest in tools is something that Andy Irving can also relate to. Talking about his decision to join Mac Tools as a franchise holder he says, “I spent 43 years as an HGV/PSV technician using all types of hand tools, power tools and tool boxes. However, after all that time in the job I began to feel that I was too old to be working in heavy industry. I began looking around for something I knew and working with tools made perfect sense. Once I’d spoken to Dave Hitch, the Mac Man who I used to buy my tools from when I was a technician, the pieces all fell into place and as the old saying goes, the rest is history.”

Paul_Turner    Dave_Smith    Andy_Irving

From left to right, Paul, Dave and Andy.

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