One in two children in London have a private tutor

The private tutor industry is continuing to grow from strength to strength, with nearly 44% of children growing up in London receiving private eduction at home.

A Sutton Trust survey showed that in the capital alone children with a private tutor has raised by 10% in the last decade. The trend is continuing to grow nationwide.

Take a look at five educational franchises that are taking advantage of the growing market:

1. Summit Home Tutors

Summit Home Tutors private tutor

Summit Home Tutors is a home private tutor management franchise with a difference. You don’t have to teach yourself and you don’t directly employ anyone.

You can even run the business from your home!

Click here to find out more about owning a Summit Home Tutors franchise.

2. Kumon Educational

kumon private tutor

Kumon Educational is the UK’s largest private tutor company. They offer maths and English study programmes for children of all ages and abilities.

There are currently over 70,000 Kumon students learning at more than 680 study centres across the UK.

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3. Tutor Doctor

tutordoctorlogo private tutorTutor Doctor allows you to join a fast-growth, recession-resistant industry while making a difference in your community.

Franchisees manage a team of professional tutors, and benefit from a successful one-to-one tutoring model.

Click here to find out more about owning a Tutor Doctor franchise.

4. Magikats

magikats private tutor

Ignite your passion for children’s education with this market-leading private tutor franchise.

MagiKats is constantly developing to keep materials current for the ever-changing curriculum requirements.

Click here to find out more about owning a Magikats Maths and English Tutoring franchise.

5. First Class Learning

firstclass private tutor

First Class Learning (FCL) have a rapidly growing network of private tutor centres.

Some of their franchisees operate small centres with twenty pupils whilst others have over one hundred and fifty – giving flexibility to your lifestyle.

Click here to find out more about owning a First Class learning franchise.

Interested in franchises like these? Check out the Children’s and Education sectors.

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