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Franchising in the news: paying it forward

A round-up of franchising news from across the internet with franchisees and franchisors alike choosing to ‘pay it forward’, recognising and celebrating success.

Going the extra mile

This month Entrepreneur writer, Lindsay Freidman, wrote an article about franchises that ‘paid it’ forward. The article focused on the bond between people and products and the importance of going the extra mile for the customer.

Five customer stories were shared with readers. One story centred around Jake Book who, after waking up from a 48 hour medically induced coma had the insatiable urge to eat a Taco Bell meal. Jake’s friend shared this story on user-news site Reddit and the news went viral. The information soon reached Taco Bell HQ and the company responded by sending Book a large bag of Taco Bell merchandise. Suffice to say, after Book recovered, he fulfilled his dream and ate some tasty tacos.

Another story, captured on camera, occurred in a branch of the popular burrito restaurant Chipotle. Store manager Vincent Lovato was approached by a customer, Nate Bywater, a hungry homeless man asking for help. Vincent was more than willing to help and prepared the man food free of charge. Vincent was unaware that a passerby was filming and only found out when he saw the post on Facebook. He told KRQE, ‘I want everybody to know that you can have an impact on somebody’s life, even if it’s just a little.

Nominees revealed

This week, the British Franchise Association announced the twenty finalists for the BFA HSBC Franchisee of the Year Awards 2016. The awards celebrate business success and excellence and are entering their 27th year. The nominees come from a variety of different businesses types and industries, from senior care to communications, home run businesses to retail outlets and stores across the UK. The nominations are spread across six categories, Young Franchisee of the Year (30 years old or under), Customer Service Franchisee of the Year, B2B Franchisee of the Year, Microbusiness Franchisee of the Year (under £100,000 turnover), Female Franchisee of the Year, Olderpreneur Franchisee of the Year (age 55 of older).

The finalists will each present their case to a panel of judges July 13th and 14th. The winners will be announced September 29th at Birmingham Town Hall.

Franchisee pays it forward

Successful multi-unit franchisee Aziz Hashim has made the news as he too strives to pay it forward, by supporting people to launch and grow franchises in the United States and Canada, through his $50 million private equity fund. Hashim, a Pakistani immigrant, studied electrical engineering at University in California, all the while working part-time in his uncle’s Burger King restaurant. He began working for Rockwell International but soon found that the corporate world wasn’t for him as he aspired to be his own boss. With the help of his parents, Hashim fulfilled his dream; in 1996 he brought his first franchise, a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant. Today, Hashim’s empire stands at 80 franchises made up of 14 different brands including Pizza Hut, Domino’s and KFC.

Hashim has started a program which provides hourly workers the opportunity to achieve the same goal as he did and own their own franchise business. Once an employee becomes a manager and expresses interest in owning a franchise, they are given the opportunity to buy one of Hashim’s businesses. What’s more, the employee receives support and often financial backing from Hashim to purchase the business. Hashim comments ‘the best advice I ever got is to think big and don’t create self-imposed obstacles, in business you have to follow the brain, not the heart’’.

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