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From Royal Navy to franchise owner (Bright & Beautiful)

After a successful 21-year career in the Royal Navy, Sue Mark is launching her own business in domestic homecare.

When Sue, 43, joined the Royal Navy in 1990, she became one of the first women in the UK to go through the same training as her male colleagues.

She then went on to achieve the rank of Chief Petty Officer, where she was responsible for maintaining and fixing various electrical equipment such as radar systems installed on the ships and command systems.

America, Japan, Australia

After travelling to destinations including America, Canada, Japan, Australia, and The Falkland Islands, Sue left the Navy in 2012 through redundancy. She now lives in Southampton with her husband, son and two rescue cats, where she has launched her new housekeeping business.

Sue hopes that Bright & Beautiful will help keep the homes of Southampton in ship-shape condition. She works closely with a team of housekeepers, delivering ethical, professional and eco-friendly cleaning, tidying and laundry services, with a strong emphasis on only using non-toxic and eco-friendly cleaning products and equipment. Sue is also keen to create jobs for other women and men who want to have a career that will not impact on their family life.

Royal Navy training

Sue says:

“My career with the Royal Navy is probably the best training I could ever have had for running a housekeeping business, because obviously everything on a ship has to be absolutely in its place and as clean as a whistle!

“Living with my own family has also prepared me by showing just how much work is involved in keeping a household in order, running smoothly and looking presentable.”

Life as a business owner

“I decided to launch Bright & Beautiful because I was keen to make a difference and improve lives – whether that’s doing a great job for my clients who value their time, to training my team of housekeepers to be the best they can be, to being able to build a business that allows me to enjoy my work and home life equally.

“The whole ethos of Bright & Beautiful is empowering people, so it is great to be able to work with others locally who share this exact same mindset.”

Award winning business

Bright & Beautiful is an award-winning business model which was founded by entrepreneur Rachel Ray in 2007. Rachel, a busy working mum herself, identified a gap in the market for a domestic cleaning company which also provided complete and fair employment rights for its team, non-toxic cleaning products, all alongside an exceptional housekeeping service for its clients.

The business has steadily gone from strength to strength with franchisees based all over the UK, each employing carefully vetted professional housekeepers and providing a quality service to thousands of clients.

Want to find out more about owning a Bright & Beautiful franchise?

Take a look at their profile here, and leave an enquiry to find out more.

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