Vodafone survey

Businesses with flexible working hours report boost in profits

A new survey, published by Vodafone, shows flexible working hours linked to increase in productivity in small businesses.

The impact of flexible working hours

The link between flexibility at work and an increase in productivity has long been thought of to have a positive effect.

With three quarters of all businesses now implementing flexible working hours, the results of this survey couldn’t be much more timely.

For the first time (in a survey this size), it has now been shown that the impact on productivity has been a net positive.

Two thirds of businesses citing an increase in profits, and over half agreed that flexible working hours improved the reputation of the business.

Vodafone’s Chief Executive, Nick Jeffery, commented that ‘we truly are in an era where work is what you do, not where you go.’

How can you get involved?

With franchises offering people the opportunity to take control of their working hours, it’s no wonder that franchising sector is worth a record £15.1 billion.

With more and more people realising the benefits of business ownership, now is the time to invest in a franchise.

Thinking of taking advantage of your own flexible working hours by starting a business? Check out the latest franchise opportunities here!


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