New research shows average franchisee turnover in excess of £250,000

The latest research from the 2015 bfa/ Natwest survey shows a record 97% of franchisees between reporting profitability.

With over half of all franchisee businesses reporting turnover exceeding £250,000, now is the time to invest in franchising.

The UK franchise industry is stronger than ever, with franchises contributing a record £15.1 billion to the UK economy, up 10% since the 2013 bfa/ Natwest survey and 43% up on 1995’s figures. This has also spelled good news for UK employment with 621,000 people employed in franchising nationwide.

Research shows a trend for swapping office life for home based work, with over a third of the 44,000 franchises in the UK being run from home. The number of younger people owning franchises also continues to grow with one in five franchises in the past two years opened by those under 30.  

Research shows that franchisees cite higher satisfaction rates than those in employment.

According to Investors People, one in five employees are already searching for a new role, citing poor management and not feeling valued as reasons for the move. According to the report, almost half of UK workers will look for a new job in 2015. The story couldn’t be more different for franchisees with less than 5% of UK franchisee businesses changing ownership in the last two years. The bfa survey showed nine out of 10 franchisees reporting that they are satisfied as business owners.

With record breaking growth and 1,000 of franchises opportunities available across the UK, the industry is set to reach new heights in coming years.

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