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Franchising is a great risk-averse way to be the boss, with support of franchisors behind you.

From coffee to consultancy, with Reed Commercial you can find a range of franchise opportunities to suit your lifestyle, location and budget.

Stephen Hall Franchisee

Franchisee Quote

It's the best job I've ever had and I loved my other jobs! I never feel like I'm going to work.

Stephen Hall, Franchisee, ComputerXplorers

Amy Thatcher Franchisee

Franchisee Quote

The business side of things is great as that is where I can stretch and challenge myself. Plus, I get to spend quality time with my family, which with a nine to five job, I could never do.

Amy Thatcher, Franchisee, Monkey Music

Vernon Brown Franchisee

Franchisee Quote

Before buying into the Pitman Training Franchise I did a huge amount of research. What really appealed was the recognised name – everyone knew Pitman Training and I heard only positive things.

Vernon Brown, Franchisee, Pitman Training

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