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Industry Overview: Events franchises

The events industry is as diverse as it is profitable, and if you have a flair for organisation and creative energy this could be the career move for you.

There have been an incredible number of success stories from the events industry, including Kate Middleton’s family, who have made millions from their events planning business. The industry itself is valued at £39.1 billion, and there is a vast array of different event sectors to choose from. Now is the prime time to purchase your own franchise, as this industry is recession proof and consistently successful. Here’s a list of events franchises to choose from:

1. Ambience Venue Styling

Ambience Venue Styling franchise

Ambience Venue Styling is the most successful wedding franchise the UK, and is only set to grow in popularity. Modern weddings often require a great deal of preparation, and design is becoming a great part of this. Everything from hair styling to what color tablecloths should be used! Ambience is looking for creative and driven individuals with a taste for fashion and design.

With your own Ambience franchise, you will have an exclusive territory and everything you need to get started for styling, including the equipment and ongoing training. You will also receive your own unique web page and marketing to help promote your business. Helping make somebody’s special day unforgettable is one of the most rewarding perks of the job, and this could be a truly life-changing career move.

Click here to find out more about owning a Ambience Venue Styling franchise.

2. TheBestOf

TheBestOf franchise

TheBestOf is a website directory which promotes local businesses and events. As a franchisee you will be expected to work closely with local people to help expand the information available on your directory. You will have control over an exclusive area, which will enable you to build a relationship with local people and empower them.

Some franchisees earn six figure incomes, so building your own self-employed success story couldn’t be simpler. In an economic climate that’s unstable, being in charge of your own career in a thriving industry is a wise choice.

Click here to find out more about owning a TheBestOf franchise.

3. DE Photo

DE Photo franchise

DE Photo was founded 10 years ago and has a growing family of 34 franchises in the UK. Upon purchasing your own DE Photo franchise you will receive your own unique territory, an optimised website and expert training. A background in photography is required, as is your own camera and equipment. You could earn up to £80,000 in your first year as a franchisee, so what do you have to lose?

Click here to find out more about owning a De Photo franchise.

4. Popkidz

Popkidz franchise

Popkidz specialises in organising VIP parties for children, and was founded after a gap in the market was noticed. Many children’s parties are held at bowling allies, cinemas or play barns, places which can be visited any time. With Popkidz, the entertainment and food is provided, so the pressure is taken off the parents. Parties can be held in the form of discos, pamper parties and other activities, and the events extend even to leaver’s balls and seasonal celebrations. Events are tailored to the individual party depending on the age of the children and needs of the customers.

To be a franchisee, you have to be outgoing and have great communication skills.

Click here to find out more about owning a Popkidz franchise.

5. Elpromotions

Elpromotions – Model, PR & Events Agency franchise

Elpromotions specialise in promotional events for UK, Ibiza and Los Angeles. An exciting and diverse franchise, they organise runway shows, conferences, launches and exhibitions on a global scale. You can run your franchise from home and get an incredible foothold into the fashion and promotions industry.

Click here to find out more about owning a Elpromotions franchise.

What’s next?

If you’re ready to be a part of this fun and profitable industry, fill out the form on the franchise listings page that takes your fancy.

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