Driving and courier franchises

Industry overview: Driving and courier franchises

Without companies operating in the logistics sector, we would not be able to have the parcel delivery services that we almost take for granted.

Logistic and courier operators travel thousands of miles each year to deliver packages to various areas of the UK, and the industry itself appears to be performing strongly as a result.

The 2015 Logistics Report highlights that just over a third of respondents stated that business conditions were ‘more favourable’ than the previous six months and with the growth of the UK economy over the same period, there is certainly reason for optimism.

The courier sector is a sub-sector of the logistics industry and it too appears to be performing strongly. There are around 90 000 courier workers in the UK – around 5% of the overall courier workforce – with the West Midlands and the South East being two of the strongest areas.

Franchising in this industry can allow you to have a career change and operate in a strong industry. Here are some examples of the franchises available to you.

1. InXpress

InXpress franchise

InXpress is a truly international franchise, operating in over 100 countries with its head offices based in the UK. The franchise offers solutions for the logistics and courier industry with the aim to help carriers save money and take advantage of InXpress’s expertise.

With InXpress, franchisees can learn from a highly experienced franchisor that provides continued support and training. Because InXpress works with some of the largest carriers in the industry, the franchisee can profit from each consignment

Click here to find out more about owning a InXpress franchise.

2. Pack & Send

Pack & Send franchise

What makes Pack & Send different from other delivery franchises? They specialise in the professional packaging and shipping of fragile items, which has always been a problem area for couriers worldwide. This means that Pack & Send truly can deliver anything, anywhere.

Customer service is an essential part of running a Pack & Send franchise. Prospective franchisees will receive full training and hands-on support to launch their own Pack & Send store, and can generate a high level of income as a result.

Click here to find out more about owning a Pack & Send franchise.

3. Practical Car & Van Rental

Practical Car & Van Rental franchise

Whether it is moving home or transporting building material, vehicle hire is useful for a variety of reasons. Practical Car & Van Rental has over 30 years’ experience in the industry and as a result, has become one of the leading figures for supplying economical vehicles for hire.

Training for franchisees is carried out on-site and the franchisee will have as much support as they need, including a web presence and uniform. In addition, Practical’s bespoke rental software will also provide reports so you know exactly how your business is doing.

Click here to find out more about owning a Practical Car & Van Rental franchise.

According to the latest Logistics Report, many operators in the logistics industry feel optimistic about the future, particularly in the retail sector. There is also cautious optimism for third-party services, such as contractors and vehicle hire.

With optimism apparent in the industry, franchising in the logistics sector can allow you to run your own business, achieve a better work-life balance and earn a strong income by operating in a developed industry. To find out how you can get your franchise journey started, contact us at Reed Commercial.

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