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Improve other businesses while growing your own consulting franchise

Following the financial crisis, consulting has been at the lead of the regrowth effort in the UK and with a consulting franchise, you too can join in on this new culture of growth.

Over the past three years, the consulting industry has seen promising development with a current headline growth rate of around 8% and a value of £6.02 billion. This trend is set to continue with analysts predicting the headline growth rate to reach almost 10% in 2017 and to only continue to improve. The UK government has been pushing a culture of innovation as part of the recovery from the GFC and the consulting industry is vital for fostering new businesses. Because of this, there are abundant opportunities throughout the consulting industry to join in and create a thriving business. If you’re looking for one of the most fool proof ways to break into the industry, try investing in a consulting franchise.

Reed Commercial has a wide range of consulting franchises available that cover many parts of the sector. If you’re drawn to the financial sector, there are many consulting franchise options. FTP Accountancy & Legal Services allows you to assist small businesses by advising them when it comes to workplace pensions. Fenton Knight on the other hand provides much needed financial advice for businesses having difficulty. You can work with shareholders and directors to restructure businesses to improve their financial standing. Brokerplan delivers commercial financing opportunities for growing businesses, which is high demand as the big banks are still reserved with their lending following the GFC. You can develop a thriving consulting franchise, while also enjoying the knowledge that you’re assisting the UK grow economically.

You’ll also find a range of niche consulting franchises available at Reed Commercial that cover a wide range of sectors, allowing you to select the perfect franchise for your skill sets or interests. If you invest in Brilliant Customer Service Training, you’ll be able to aid organisations retrain their staff, thus improving the productivity of the business and the service that business provides. Plan It Design is another available consulting franchise, which deals with architectural advice. You’ll work on the frontline, directly liaising with clients and taking them through their planned architectural projects to make them as successful as possible. For those entrepreneurs who are looking for something a bit different, The Lady Detective Agency provides private investigation services to women around the UK, meaning you’ll never have the same two work days in a row.

No matter what consulting franchise you choose, you can enjoy the confidence that you’ll receive the utmost in support and training. While previous experience is a great bonus in this industry and will give you an edge over the competition, all that’s truly required is the drive to grow your business and the willingness to work with your franchise’s head office.

The consulting industry is in one of the most prime positions of any sector in the UK and is set to continue growing, especially as the focus of the government is on innovation and growing small business. Because of this, it’s never been a more opportune time to invest in a consulting franchise. You’ll find the full list of available consulting franchises here at Reed Commercial. If you find a franchise that interests you, feel free to fill out of the form at the bottom of the page and a helpful team member from Reed Commercial will contact you to guide you into the next stage of your career.

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