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Industry overview: Business services franchises

Business services is a broad area with many different branches.

Providers of business services can assist with accounting, marketing, and payroll.

Franchises in this sector aim to help streamline the business’s processes and help with the day-to-day management of the business.

The business services sector has been continually growing in recent years, with 2015 being the fifth consecutive year with increased revenue growth. Part of this growth could be due to the upturn following the Recession with companies under pressure to deliver and needing outside assistance.

With a promising market, what franchise opportunities are available?

1. Auditel

Auditel franchise

Making decisions is a key part of any business. Cost management franchise Auditel aims to help businesses make the right ones by helping with financial projections and business plans, all with a dedicated team.

Auditel operates across the country and has an award-winning business model in place to ensure that franchisees have the best support possible. Training is offered throughout the year, as well as access to PR strategies and marketing material.

Click here to find out more about owning a Auditel franchise.

2. Payrolls Direct

Payrolls Direct franchise

Time and money are two important areas for businesses. With Payrolls Direct, businesses can save in both by accessing a sophisticated HR and payroll management system, which franchisees can help implement.

Payrolls Direct works closely with its franchisees to provide marketing support and tutorials, as well as providing the payroll calculations. This support is easily accessed in a dedicated Member’s Area.

Click here to find out more about owning a Payrolls Direct franchise.

3. Certax Accounting

Certax Accounting franchise

Are you comfortable working with figures? Franchising with Certax Accounting could be just what you’re looking for. The organisation provides tax and accountancy support to businesses of various sizes and also assists with self-assessment.

Training courses are provided for all franchisees and all accountants are trained to be approachable and are required to have good communication skills do deliver practical advice.

Click here to find out more about owning a Certax Accounting franchise.

Franchise owners in the business services sector need to have strong communication and organisational skills in order to deliver advice and solutions. There are a number of different areas associated with business services and so adaptability is also a key skill to have. Depending on which area you decide to enter, numeracy skills are also highly valued.

There are a number of benefits that a franchise owner can have. With the industry appearing to be continually growing and flourishing, there is a real need for businesses to outsource different aspects of their company in order to save time and money.

The above franchises are just some of the ones available in the business services sector. To find out what other franchises you can get involved with, visit the other business services franchises available on Reed Commercial.

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