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Industry overview: Auto and car care franchise businesses

The UK’s automotive industry is a key sector to the UK economy.

According to industry body SMNT, there were around 2,500 automotive component providers in the UK, and as much as 78,000 people employed in the automotive supply chain in 2014.

The thriving auto and car care franchise industry needs constant maintenance, and as a result, there are many companies that offer everything from car washing and valeting to repair and rentals. These organisations also have franchise opportunities available to give entrepreneurs a route into this sector. Here are just some of them:

1. RAC

RAC franchise

The RAC is one of the most recognised names in the industry. If you’re looking for a franchise opportunity with the support of a respected and established brand, being an RAC Direct Sales franchisee could be the way forward.

RAC franchisees work to sell a variety of RAC products and services from breakdown cover to insurance. The RAC will also help with marketing and other areas of running a business to ensure that their franchisees be as successful as they possibly can be.

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2. Smart Alloy LTD

Smart Alloy Ltd franchise

Do you want to own a mobile franchise with a large area and plenty of opportunities? The Smart Alloy LTD franchise may be just what you are looking for. Repairing alloys is a strong market, with four out of five motorists reporting alloy damage, and Smart Alloy LTD aims to be there when this happens with its mobile repair service.

Franchisees with Smart Alloy LTD can expect full training courses and a large geographical area to develop in. Technical help and support is also always available should franchisees need some assistance themselves.

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3. Mobile Car Spa

Mobile Car Spa franchise

Car owners want their vehicles to look the best they possibly can be, but finding the time can be difficult. This is where Mobile Car Spa comes in with mobile valeting and cleaning services delivered at the best place for the customer.

Mobile Car Spa provides its franchisees with all the support and training that they need as well as a fully equipped van to carry out customer demands. The organisation also helps the franchisee to flourish with continued support.

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Franchising in this industry gives individuals who have a passion for cars and making them stand out a chance to enter a strong market. With car sales in the EU growing, according to the BBC, it appears that these opportunities for car care entrepreneurs will continue to grow with more cars being placed on the roads.

Our current busy lifestyles could also be good news for car care franchisees. According to the Telegraph, over three-quarters of motorists would prefer someone else to clean their car for an acceptable fee. Many also feel that a car wash company would do a better job than they would, and that it is usually quite inexpensive.

With so many benefits going for the auto and car care industry, why not have a look at the other franchises available on Reed Commercial to see what other opportunities are out there.

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