Exploring the £300 million plumbing industry

Plumbing has become a lucrative sector in recent months and years, and is forecasted to continue growing over the next few years.

The industry has been described by many as a ‘recession-proof’ industry because of the constant need for plumbing, and many skilled plumbers have decided to use their skills and knowledge to set up their own business, with franchising being a great option. With a plumbing franchise, hardworking and enthusiastic plumbers can have an opportunity to build on the skills they already have, and make a name for themselves, though there are many other benefits to setting up your own plumbing business.

Many of us have an entrepreneurial side to us and dream of being our own boss. Starting a plumbing business is more straightforward than people might think. As mentioned above, many start up their own plumbing business after working as a plumber themselves, which requires an NVQ and knowledge of various regulations. However, as long as you have strong motivation and a keen attention to detail, there are other ways you can start your business if you have limited experience.

Benefit from an established brand

Purchasing a plumbing franchise may seem expensive, however it can be a great option if you need a little bit of additional support. By working with a franchise, you can benefit from the expertise of an established brand whilst still being able to enjoy the benefits of being self-employed. As you grow your business, you might even find that you need to take on employees and growing their skills in the same way.

Operating a business on a self-employed basis can be risky, however you can have the opportunity to work around your existing commitments and lifestyle as well as being in a better position to build a relationship with your customers through meeting them face-to-face; an opportunity which is not always possible whilst working for an existing company. In addition, setting up your own plumbing business can allow you to create an identity and enhance your skills, particularly if there’s a specific area that you have expert knowledge in. As well as this you can learn new skills, such as learning how to promote yourself online.

£300 million market

This skill is of particular significance because of the growth of online plumbing sales. Experts predict that the UK online plumbing market will be worth in excess of £300 million and so standing out on the Web is just as important as word-of-mouth referrals. Each plumbing business will be different, though making use of the many free website builders or a low-cost web designer can allow you to promote your work and business in a different way. Websites can also allow you to manage your clients through booking forms and can allow people to contact you at any time.

All of this sounds impressive, but if you’re still not sure, then the success of plumbing franchise Your Plumber might just convince you. Established in 2009, Your Plumber has become one of the most widely-recognised plumbing franchises in the industry. Regardless of their previous experience, Your Plumber allows dedicated plumbing entrepreneurs to obtain a part of a strong industry and grow their reputation. With full training on how to find and recruit the best possible talent, franchisees do not always need to possess years of plumbing experience; just the passion for great customer service and pride in the work their team produces.

Code of Conduct

Another area that Your Plumber assists with is the creation and management a specific website for the franchisee which, as mentioned earlier in this article, will give the franchisee additional coverage and promotion. As well as providing the highest level of customer service, Your Plumber has also implemented a Code of Conduct to ensure that all of its plumbers continue to work with the best possible standard which, in turn, will give the franchisee peace of mind that their contractors are performing adequately.

If you feel ready to start your own business journey, the next step is to develop a business plan and do your research. With a solid business plan, you can gain an understanding of which goals to target and the challenges that you could encounter. Franchises, such as Your Plumber, will also be on hand to give you additional support, so why not see what these ones have to offer.

Enjoy your business venture, and good luck!

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