About the Franchise

  • Est. 1989
  • £6,000
  • Est. time to break even: Undisclosed
  • No. of Franchises: 50

Key details

Franchise: YB12
Established: 1989
No. of franchises: 50

About YB12

YB12 franchise opportunity

We’ve been involved in business and personal development for over twenty years, and in that time, more than 100,000 people have attended our public seminars and in-house workshops. The company was founded in 1989 by John Grant, who himself has presented to more than a thousand audiences.

YB12 has been shaped by John’s passion to help people hone their life-skills and tap into their full potential. Our YB12 coaching team has developed an innovative training and support programme, and through it, are assisting clients in becoming empowered and focused, both as individuals and in business. We are looking for enthusiastic, driven people to join us as YB12 Corporate Coaches and YB12 Classic Coaches.

YB12 Classic Coach Opportunity

Becoming a classic coach with YB12 is for people who love personal development and like the idea of working with people on a one-to-one basis or in small public groups.

YB12 business service franchise

Our aim with coaching is to encourage our clients to win by teaching them our prescribed, psychology based life skills programme. The centre piece is the YB12 Classic Programme, which breaks down a 12 month process step-by-step which our YB12 Coaches guide their clients through.

Becoming a YB12 Coach means you can be your own boss and plan your own work day. Building your career without limitations, you can go as far as you choose to, and you’ll have a multitude of leadership opportunities available if you want to move up. You’ll have our continuous support and back-up and you will be able to rely on your Master Coach to guide your way. We think of it like this – you’ll be in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

YB12 Corporate Coach Opportunity

franchise YB12

This is a powerful business-focused opportunity that will place you in front of employee groups in training rooms and board rooms as a dynamic and effective public speaker. This opportunity is for executive level professionals, who can confidently hold large audiences. One of the central programmes Corporate Coaches run is the YB12 Results Programme, in which an over-arching theme for the year-long duration is established. We then work toward achieving the aims of this theme by planning strategies, tasks and objectives for the company. The YB12 Coach presents monthly sessions, and staff members are kept on the programme’s track with bi-monthly review sessions.

Corporate Plus

YB12 Corporate Plus: This is a suite of five one-day workshops you can offer your existing or new clients. The workshops include Leadership Development, Time Management, Stress Management, Consultative Selling and Team Building. These are the five staples of a training organisation. If you subscribe to Corporate Plus, you will then have a full suite training consultancy, which includes Total Focus and the Results programme making up seven of the highest quality training programmes on the market today.

Why Join YB12?

YB12 best franchise opportunity

Imagine working from your home office, choosing your own hours and earning up to £35,000 per year part-time as a YB12 Coach, or even earning as much as £125,000 per year as a Corporate Coach presenting productivity based training programmes that deliver businesses the best year of their business lives. At the same time, you will be empowering employees to negotiate life better than they could ever have imagined.

Did you know that spending on learning and development rose an average of 12% in 2012? We have been studying the corporate training industry for over a decade, and it continues to change and evolve. Businesses spend more than £85 billion on training globally, and a great deal of this goes into coaching and productivity based programmes like ours. This is a veritable boom industry and we are looking for professionals to join us and help us expand.

You can join us in the knowledge that we’ve been doing this for more than 20 years and we’ve delivered superb results for thousands of individuals and companies. Take for example Macquarie Bank, who reported a 200% increase in revenues in their Mortgages Division the year after they finished our YB12 Coaching programme. Macquarie directly attributed that success to our programme. We are tried, proven and tested and we will teach you the formula for success as a corporate coach.

The best thing about both of our YB12 coaching opportunities is this – we work on a win-win arrangement. After your initial fee to cover training, we don’t get paid until you succeed and even then, it is based on your results. There are no high upfront franchise fees, simply proven results and a system we are confident will make you a success.


“Working with Emma as my YB12 coach has been a joy. Her positive, professional and yet friendly approach has encouraged me to analyse more deeply my attitudes and motivations in all aspects of both my personal and business life. Through a structured programme she has guided me towards a better understanding of how I can make this year the best ever and, though at times it’s not been easy, she has always been supportive and has stressed how I have it in my power to make changes for the better. It is obvious that she is passionate about what she is doing and relishes helping people and on several occasions, I have received an e-mail with some information along the lines of ‘I saw this and thought of you’ which has always proved interesting and useful. I have no hesitation in recommending Emma if you are serious about wanting your best year ever.”

Classic Client

“I overcame my natural scepticism, borne of 30 years policing, and joined YB12 – and I am dazzled by the experience. The support is spectacular, and in 5 months I’ve attended four excellent ‘in-person’ training events, meeting like-minded coaches whose enthusiasm, knowledge and experience underpin the potential of this business. All that supported by recorded training and back office support that is accessible all the time, everywhere. This is no “pay us and we forget you” opportunity – you’re in it ‘til you win or quit!”


“I’ve been with YB12 for a couple of months and already feel like I’m part of a welcoming family! The coaches and leadership team are so friendly, there’s always someone there to help, give advice or just share experiences and the keynote is a real joy to deliver – I can’t wait to get my first clients on-board!”


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