Weathersby Guild

About the Franchise

  • Est. 2002
  • £35,000
  • Est. time to break even: Undisclosed
  • No. of Franchises: Undisclosed

Key details

Franchise: Weathersby Guild
Established: 2002
No. of franchises: Undisclosed

About Weathersby Guild

We are a low investment, low overhead, home based, in-home furniture repair model. We are highly specialised to serve the interests of the furniture removal industry interests.

We have an extensive and comprehensive dedicated clientele of moving van companies (furniture removal companies) and insurance companies who depend heavily on us to handle damages incurred in household goods transportation.

We are a well known, successful US franchise expanding into the UK with 55 US franchises. The same domestic clients are eager to support a Weathersby Guild presence in the UK.

Our Franchise Package

Our model is centred on running a sound business. Our model is not centred on furniture repair – furniture repair is only important if its bad. It’s expected to be excellent.

With a Weathersby Guild franchise you will receive:

  • Extensive initial one-on-one training in the US.
  • Training regulated by our extensive and comprehensive manual which includes skills training and college level academics.
  • Close post-completion monitoring of report quality and craftsmanship.
  • On-site visits if necessary, from Headquarters staff
  • Enthusiastic phone support by a Master Craftsman at Headquarters is available for artistic and management advice and direction

All specialty tools and supplies are provided before training is initiated. Most supplies are available through web purchases from Weathersby Guild approved suppliers.

Franchisees are not required to spend a minimum amount in advertising. Much of the advertising is satisfied by the extensive Weathersby Guild network of dedicated clients.

A Weathersby Guild franchise can be scaled to include more extensive operations in addition to in-home services – employees can be added to increase capacity.

Franchise earnings can vary according to the size of the population served, the highest grossing Weathersby Guild in 2015 produced a revenue in access of $600,000 USD.

What’s the level of investment?

The initial franchise fee is £35,000. Operating capital requirements are approximately £12,000. Office and mechanical equipment requirements, not including a vehicle,  are approximately £2,500 .

Most repairs are accomplished on-site so a shop facility is not required other than a small work-space such as a garage, spare room, or basement

Who are we looking for?

We are currently looking for a Master Franchise licensee.

The ideal candidate for Weathersby Guild ownership is someone with good written and verbal communication skills. Much of our service is to furniture removal and insurance claims adjusters. Upon completion of repair assignments, a report-invoice is provided to our clients who depend on quality communications.

Comfortability with working with ones hands in a self employment environment is important. Experience in woodworking is helpful but not essential. Ordinary household skills are sufficient to enable a motivated apprentice to learn the furniture repair arts.

Every candidate will be evaluated as to the probability that he or she can be trusted with our brand value and that of our clients.

It is our desire to create a quality of life centred culture within the Weathersby Guild. We look for people who we believe are strong family members, friends, and advocates for fun.

We believe clients like to work with people they generally like.

What Next?

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How do I find out more about Weathersby Guild?

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