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Franchise: TheBestOf
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We’re in the business of making local life better for everyone in the community…

For the right people it’s, quite simply, the best franchise opportunity in the UK today. It’s an amazing business, with extraordinary rewards, an established track record and huge growth potential. It’s very much a business for the 21st century.

The first…and the best:

When thebestof was launched in July 2005 we were the first independent web directory in the UK. But things have changed a lot since then!

Now thebestof is much, much more than just a website – and it is our progressive linking of online and offline initiatives that showcase only the best local businesses in each area that have earned us considerable recognition including ‘Innovative Company of the Year’, a number of ‘best business’ awards and  a prestigious third place in the Tech Track 100.

thebestof is all about people…

In a nutshell thebestof champions and promotes the best businesses and events in each local area, using a variety of online and offline elements. It also engages with local people and gives them a voice.

As a thebestof franchisee you’ll become a ‘word-of-mouth specialist’ in your local area – a key influencer in your local business community.

All our franchisees have a strong desire to see their local area and the people within it prosper. 

You’ll get to know and build relationships with all the best businesses on your patch and you’ll also engage with thousands of local people who will ‘join’ thebestof – so they can share their opinion as to who’s best.

You become the most influential person in your town…

When you have a membership base of several thousand local people all plugged in to thebestof (as many of our franchisees have) you become the most influential and powerful marketer in your town – bar none.

This combination of real relationships with local people AND local businesses, done properly, can enable you to build yourself a very significant income and a business that gives you lots of flexibility around your time.

Big six figure incomes…

It’s a heady mix that’s incredibly effective, which is why we have dozens of franchisees earning big six figure incomes and why thebestof has one of the highest ratios of ‘multiple franchise owners’ in the country. (i.e people who have bought second and third territories having had success with their first), something of which we are very proud.

What You Earn Is Entirely Up To You!

In this day and age, the only people who KNOW that they’re financially secure are those that are in complete control of their own destiny – for example, business-owners who have got many thousands of pounds of contracted revenue flowing into their business every month.

thebestof has dozens and dozens of franchisees who are in this position.

They know exactly how much profit their business is going to make this month; AND if they do a few simple things every day they know that next month they’ll make MORE profit than they did this month.

You see, your customers will typically pay you monthly by direct debit.

That means that our franchisees income stream is very dependable – and it grows each month as you bring on board more customers. This ‘residual’ income as we call it has huge value to you. Firstly, knowing that there’s £8,000 arriving in your bank account by direct debit on the 11th of the month say, is a great position to be in. It means that your income is not directly related to the work that you do each month.

And it keeps rolling in…

Several of our franchisees take the whole of August off, for instance, to be with their families during the Summer, yet their income doesn’t go down – even though they’re not at work.

The second benefit of residual income is that it gives real value to the business that you are building. A business with, say £10,000 of contracted monthly direct debit income will have significant value – in other words you are building a saleable asset.

Our top franchisees are earning big six figure incomes – and some of them are running franchises in quite small provincial towns. It’s not just the big cities that offer big potential with thebestof.

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