Serenity Loves

About the Franchise

  • Est. 2012
  • £25,000
  • Est. time to break even: 12 months
  • No. of Franchises: 0

Key details

Franchise: Serenity Loves
Established: 2012

About Serenity Loves

Serenity Loves, the multi- award winning hair and beauty salon, has definitely made big impressions due to its unique selling point of a Hair and Beauty salon with a Crèche annexed to the salon. The idea was born while Jo Rofail-Bevilacqua was pregnant with her second child. It was the fact that like many ladies pre children, Jo had the time and freedom to have their hair and beauty treatments in luxury without a second thought. Post children was quite a different story, having to arrange childcare or have mobile therapists come to the house to perform treatments was far from enjoyable or practical. This led her to have the idea of a haven where parents could take their children somewhere where they would have fun while having an hour or two to feel like their old self, this was just the beginning of Serenity Loves.

Serenity Loves provide their customers with services including hair and beauty treatments under one roof. Although these services are not dissimilar to other salons within the local area, they have a unique selling point in that they have offer a fantastic crèche staffed by qualified CRB checked childcare professionals. This allows their customers, both female and males, to indulge in treatments whilst knowing their children are on the premises, being cared for and having fun. There is a monitor within the salon that is linked to the crèche with a wide range of equipment catering for all ages of children, so that parents can see their children, thus providing confidence, reassurance and trust.

Serenity Loves – our Team

All of the team at Serenity Loves are highly experienced within their industry, by having such experts as part of the team it strengthens the trust in which clients, new and existing, have in the brand. Serenity Loves bring this experience to train and guide their franchisees through the rigours of starting this excellent business and becoming a member of the “Serenity Loves Family”. The key to success in any franchise is support and in this respect Serenity Loves have it in abundance.

Serenity Loves – training

Serenity Loves extensive and unique training programme will ensure that all franchisees learn all aspects of running a successful franchise. By attending an intensive tailored training course at Serenity Loves head office and practical hands-on training, every franchisee will be well equipped to open their own salon with peace of mind and confidence. Additional support will be given to each franchisee at their own premises once their business is launched, by doing so every franchisee will never feel alone and unsupported. A happy and confident franchisee means a well run and successful business.

No previous experience is required as the comprehensive training will ensure that within a short period of time you will be in a position to run your own Serenity Loves Franchise knowing that you have a dedicate team in the background ready and willing to help and support you. The only restriction is the limit of your imagination, motivation and desire to succeed. Every franchisee, as part of the package, will receive for reference our operations manual covering all aspects of the business.

Serenity Loves – The Investment

The initial franchise fee to buy a Serenity Loves franchise is £25,000 + VAT.

Based on the most recent performance of company turnover is between £250k to £300k per annum with net profit before depreciation, tax and dividends of 12%. If franchisees adhere to the model and guidance there is no reason why similar figures cannot be achieve after 12 months.

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