Rathbone Results

About the Franchise

  • Est. 2013
  • £24,995
  • Est. time to break even: 6 months
  • No. of Franchises: 6

Key details

Franchise: Rathbone Results
Established: 2013
No. of franchises: 6

Run your own business using our proven model and your expertise

Rathbone Results

If you are looking to use your business management and sector experience to run your own successful consultancy business, then Rathbone Results will provide you with an exciting opportunity. With a reputation for success and sustainable growth for owner-managed businesses, Rathbone Results can offer you the:

  • Flexibility to use your skills alongside our proven methodology
  • Fast route to market to get you up and running quickly
  • Support from an exceptional team of high-calibre individuals
  • Lifestyle you desire

The Opportunity

With over 2 million VAT registered companies in the UK, there is considerable untapped market opportunity.

Rathbone Results offers you a unique business opportunity to be part of a national network of Business Partners who unlock potential and improve results in owner-managed companies.

Whilst this opportunity will offer you all of the benefits associated with a franchise, it is not the conventional “business in a box” because it is specifically designed around the key business drivers for success, best practice and frameworks, rather than detailed set procedures.

The Benefits

The benefits of being a Rathbone Results Partner are numerous. Not only will you own your own business, but the package arms you with a methodology (methods, tools, processes etc) built into a multi-faceted framework which you can combine with your own expertise to deliver excellent support to your clients

  1. Run your own business
  2. Use your skills and your experience in your sectors.
  3. Enjoy the lifestyle you want.
  4. Be faster to market.
  5. Get help with your lead generation.
  6. Use proven methods to grow your clients.
  7. Receive masterclass training to equip you.
  8. Receive on-going support and mentoring.
  9. Enjoy peer support from your fellow partners


The total set-up cost for the licence is £24,995 excluding VAT. Amortising the value of this over a 5 year period equates to £5,000 per annum. The license fee includes:

  • Use of high quality and proven business methods
  • Full preparation for the Partner to go to market
  • 6 days of practical training
  • Training on 10 proven ways of finding new clients
  • 3 months free support


Established partners can expect to invoice in excess of £100k working with just a handful of clients.

Partner Profile

This could be a great opportunity for you if you are:

  • A high-calibre individual with director level experience
  • Willing and able to make the financial investment to run your own business
  • Looking to use your experience to help SME’s
  • Desiring to run your own business, but wanting the security of tried and tested methods and demonstrable results
  • Seeking a franchise business where your individual experience will not be suppressed by rigid processes

What Our Partners Say

“I totally enjoyed the Rathbone Results Training Programme, it was well thought out, insightful and well delivered. It was great meeting the other Partners whom I thought were very good. I am very excited and motivated and cannot wait to get started and engage with my first client.”

Carlton Brown, Partner, Rathbone Results

“I quickly realised that with Rathbone’s methodical and detailed approach and training plus the ongoing support offer, this alone would accelerate my next career move.”

John O’Connell, Partner, Rathbone Results

“After the five training days, I fully understood the Rathbone Results methodology, was confident I could use it with my type of clients and was comfortable talking through it at a high level and going into the detail of key supporting activity.”

Cora Lynn Heimer Rathbone, Partner, Rathbone Results


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