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  • Est. 2016
  • £25,000
  • Est. time to break even: 12 months
  • No. of Franchises: 1

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Franchise: Radfield Home Care Ltd
Established: 2016
No. of franchises: 1

About Radfield Home Care LtdRadfield Home Care Ltd

Radfield Home Care Ltd is a family owned company run by Dr Hannah MacKechnie and her brother Alex Green.

Radfield Home Care Ltd started out as a Residential Home in Shrewsbury in 1982 and was a small, friendly care home which was highly regarded in the local community. Hannah and Alex grew up living in the home alongside the residents and therefore have a unique insight into how proper care should be provided and the individual needs of older people. This ethos and understanding underpins Radfield Home Care and we strive to bring our clients the same quality of care into their own homes.

Dr Hannah Mackechnie worked at Radfield Residential home for many years before training as a doctor at Birmingham University. After qualifying she worked in many hospitals across the West Midlands and in Christchurch, New Zealand and on returning to the UK completed her GP training. It was whilst working as a GP that she realised there was a need for a local home care company that put quality at the heart of its business.

Alex Green has also been closely associated with Radfield Residential Home and has a career background in finance having worked for companies such as HSBC and Halifax. In recent years he has been working for several charitable organisations around the country before settling back to Shropshire and becoming involved in the family business. Alex gained his Registered Managers Award qualification in 2008.

The UK Home Care MarketplaceRadfield Home Care franchise

There is a substantial, growing market for homecare services, estimated at £5.2 billion per year in the UK and increasing year on year.

The majority of adults who use domiciliary care services are over 65 years of age and this is a segment of the population that is increasing relatively rapidly. According to the Office for National Statistics, the population aged 65 and over will grow over the coming years, both in real terms and as a percentage of the total population. Its projections show that in 2014 18% of the UK population were over 65 and over the next 30 years, by 2044—this is expected to increase to one-in-four (25%).

The rapid growth in the proportion of elderly people is predicted to put increasing strain on public sector healthcare services, leading to a rise in demand for private provision. This trend is further strengthened by continuing government initiatives to promote independent living, again increasing the demand for providers who can offer care and support at home.

Clearly, this is a large growth market. One that Radfield Home Care Ltd is ideally positioned to benefit from.

The home care marketplace is also one that provides a continual stream of business throughout the year and is not significantly affected by seasonal change which makes it easy to plan and grow your business. It is also a recession resistant business as the need for care for many is considered a need and not a luxury that can be cast aside if the economic situation changes.

These factors all combine to make owning a business in the home care marketplace a compelling choice.

The Radfield Home Care Ltd Franchise Package

Radfield Home Care Ltd provides its franchisees with all the tools that they need to get up and running as soon as possible so they can get straight to the business of providing care.

Radfield Home Care Ltd will provide you with a detailed induction course and ongoing skills-building programme. The initial training is delivered at our head office in Stafford which covers all of the background knowledge and training on our bespoke software systems.

Radfield Home Care Ltd then come to your location to help train and support you as your business launches to help to you get you off to a flying start. This training is tailored to your individual learning needs or those of your team.

The franchise package also includes:Radfield Home Care Franchise

  • Business development tools including assistance with your 5 year business plan.
  • Marketing materials
  • Branded uniforms
  • HR + Health and Safety advice and insurance
  • Further training opportunities
  • Marketing support for launch of your business
  • Establishment of the bespoke Radfield Home Care technology solutions for your territory
  • Branch pages on our fully SEO optimised website

Radfield Home Care Ltd will also provide you with premium ongoing support, which includes:

  • A dedicated head office support team
  • Email and telephone help lines
  • Regular communications
  • A regularly updated operations manual
  • Opportunities to network with, and learn from, your peers.

In short, we’ll look after you to make it easy for you to look after others. In return, we gain a highly qualified, motivated and committed partner who can help make Radfield Home Care the leading national home care agency.

The Ideal Franchise Owner

Radfield Home Care Ltd is looking for bright and enterprising individuals wanting to build a reputable and successful business with the support of our highly respected brand. It is not essential to have prior knowledge or experience of the care sector or indeed of running your own business as we can help you to develop your skills in these areas but we do look for high energy, passionate people who have a genuine desire to create a strong ethical business which represents Radfield Home Care’s core values.

Home Care franhise opportunity

Radfield Home Care Ltd have a clear idea of the attributes that are needed, and are prepared to be selective. The successful Franchisee will have a very strong customer care mentality, a commitment to quality service and attention to detail. excellent people skills, an ability to build strong business relationships, strong organisational and time management skills, high energy levels and an ability to focus and follow systems.

Our brand is a promise of a high-calibre professional service delivered with a personal touch. While we will provide you with the training and tools you need, you still need to consider whether you have what it takes to fulfil our promise.

If you think you have what it takes then we would like to hear from you.

Franchise Investment and Earnings

Radfield Home Care Franchise

Radfield Home Care Ltd want to make the opportunity to own and run a Radfield Home Care Franchise accessible to as many people as possible and in order to do that we have worked hard to keep the financial investment and start up costs as manageable as possible.

The cost to purchase a Radfield Home Care Ltd Franchise is £25,000 plus VAT and you will need to have working capital of around £31,500 to support the start up phase of the business. The working capital required will vary depending on individual franchisees circumstances and the way in which they choose to structure the business.

If a franchisee needs to obtain finance in order to purchase the franchise then we are able to help. We have partnered with several of the high street banks who know and support Radfield Home Care Ltd and are willing to lend money to the right candidates to set up their franchise.

Potential Earnings

Everyone knows someone who has needed, currently needs or will need care at some point. It is an area that touches us all and with the elderly population increasing the potential growth for your business is really only limited by the level of energy and commitment that you put in to it.

The Radfield Home Care Ltd Franchise enables the right people to enter, fully develop and, potentially, dominate profitable local markets for domiciliary care. We will give you all the tools you need to generate this success in your own Radfield Home Care Franchise.

Radifled Home Care Team

In Summary Head and heart – a recession resistant business with huge growth potential whilst providing a highly valued service to your local community.

Credibility and Integrity – the knowledge and experience of a qualified GP underpinning our service.

Unique expertise of our directors – how better to reassure clients and get a head start

Forward thinking – using technology to streamline and future proof the business

Thought leadership – Dr Hannah MacKechnie is a respected voice in the care sector

Thinking out of the box – ensuring your territory will deliver both clients and staffing for your business

Share our success – join us in providing Award Winning care services that really make a difference.

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