Platinum Property Partners

About the Franchise

  • Est. 1997
  • £200,000
  • Est. time to break even: Over 2 years
  • No. of Franchises: Undisclosed

Key details

Franchise: Platinum Property Partners
Established: 1997
No. of franchises: Undisclosed

Platinum Property Partners

Founded by Steve Bolton in 2007, Platinum Property Partners has been established as a successful property investment business that enables both novice and seasoned property investors to build sustainable and profitable portfolio.

Our Partners currently own a property portfolio of almost 700 high quality Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) for young professionals, which exceeds £200 million in value.

As the world’s first property investment franchise and a full member of the British Franchise Association, Platinum Property Partners has shown phenomenal growth, recruiting more than 200 Partners operating in 100 towns and cities across the UK.

Extensive and On-Going Training

Including specialist mortgage brokers, accountants and solicitors and lettings, renovation and negotiation experts, Platinum Property Partners have a team of 50 professionals who run our highly effective, intense and on-going training programme.

Platinum Property Partners will share with you our expert knowledge on how to generate a substantial long-term income not achieved by any other buy-to-let model, including:

  •  Which locations and property types generate the greatest return
  •  How to create more rooms within each property to maximise rental income
  •  How to cost-effectively refurbish properties to a high standard to achieve high rental rates
  •  Creating business structures and plans that make your income as tax-efficient as possible
  •  When and how to leverage your portfolio to fund future growth.

After intense support to start you portfolio, you will receive on-going coaching to make sure you stay on track. The PPP community of Partners, management team and experts are always on-hand at any point of your journey to provide additional help and support where needed.

Tried and tested business model Platinum Property Partners has developed a tried and tested system that is proven to maximise rental income from specialist buy-to-let shared housing for young professionals, as well as a benefit from long-term capital growth. The model generates much higher returns than traditional buy-to-let rental properties and produces a lifelong income stream that: replaces or supplements salary, provides a rewarding addition to standard pension provision and creates a substantial inheritance for future generations.

Exceptional and Consistent Return

Our Partners’ property portfolios achieve an average return on investment of 15%. After paying all costs (mortgage, bills, maintenance and voids), an average property will generate over £17,000 gross profit per annum from rental income alone – with capital growth as an additional bonus.

You As A Partner

In order to be considered as a potential Partner, you will need in excess of £300,000 to £500,000 of investment capital, depending on your investment location and the size of the property portfolio you want to build. These funds can come from various sources including cash, equity in your own home and other investments. In some cases, pension funding, and/or wider family assets can be utilised or you may also consider investing alongside someone else.

Your funds will be needed over time so is not required up front, but it must be accessible withinabout a two year period.

You must also be willing to commit to a minimum of a five year Partnership, in which time, most Partners create their own profitable business with a minimum of four PPP properties, delivering a lifelong annual income of between £50,000 and £150,000.

To find out if this property investment franchise is right for you, please contact one of the Partner Recruitment Team directly, who will be happy to have a chat with you and provide you with more information.

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