About the Franchise

  • Est. 2004
  • £20,000
  • Est. time to break even: Over 2 years
  • No. of Franchises: 18

Key details

Franchise: OvenGleamers
Established: 2004
No. of franchises: 18

Who are OvenGleamers?

OvenGleamers are an Oven Cleaning Service that provide a domestic oven cleaning service that is Fast, Safe and Thorough.

Our Franchise System

The franchise system has been developed by Graham and Catherine Rogers to be easy to start and manage.

OvenGleamers system is different to others on the market for a 5 key reasons.

1) Our Product

The oven cleaning dip tank fitted to the van, a key requirement of an oven cleaning company, stays hot all day after just a single one hour mains charge in the morning.

This is because it has a unique insulated design and is a heated by electricity. This means the dipping solution stays hot all day without the need to heat the tank up again. This compares with a gas heated system that has to be heated up at every job. Our system is fast and through. You will spend less time on each job (compared with other systems) even though you do a complete oven strip down clean. The clean is thorough, but the system is fast meaning you can then either fit more jobs into the day or do something else. Also the system is safer for you than having a live burning flame in the back of your van.

2) Our Easy Booking System

We take calls for you and we can give your customer a quote, check your free slots, and book them directly into your schedule which you can then access straight away on your mobile phone. This means you don’t have to worry about answering your calls, or phoning customers back in the day or early evening and you can be assured that you aren’t missing any calls. As we answer the call for you and are able to book your customer in straight away we can out perform your local competition and our customers love it!

3) Our On Going Support and Training

Our franchisor, Graham Rogers, started the business as just him in a van and has gone through all the stages of growth. He carries out the initial technical training of franchisees and also is at the end of the phone to answer any technical queries should you have them on the job. So you can benefit from an oven cleaning expert immediately to hand. Catherine Rogers runs regular monthly webinars (online meet ups) and quarterly training days held in our training room in Bristol. This means you will gain extra knowledge from other franchisees, and also from any new initiatives that OvenGleamers Main Office are implementing to improve their own multi van business in Bristol.

4) Our Marketing Support

Graham Rogers is an online marketing expert and will implement the best online market platforms for you to gain new customers.

5) Income Guarantee 

OvenGleamers have an income guarantee for the first three months of £6,000. OvenGleamers set up your local marketing online and offline for you and are confident that you will obtain sales of £6,000 in your first three months and guarantee this.

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How do I find out more about OvenGleamers?

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