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  • £3,000
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Key details

Franchise: Oast House Farm Snacks
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Oast House Farm Snacks business
Oast House Farm Snacks have a unique business model which has been proven since it was established in 2012. We are delighted to be in a position to invite like-minded people, who share our passion, to join the Oast House Farm Snacks family.

Oast House Farm Snacks deliver snack boxes into the workplace, based on an honesty box system. Working within the charity related business sector, our self-vending snack boxes contain a large range of carefully selected products which have been thoroughly developed to offer customers quality and all round value for money.

A business with revenue from day one!

The Oast House Farm Snacks franchise opportunity ensures that you start your business as you mean to go on. We will site for you enough snack boxes for your territory to enable you to start earning money from your very first day!

Who are we and what do we do?

Oast House Farm Snacks

Established in 2012, our key marketing point focused on supporting local hospices within our area. The benefit of this is that a large number of people know someone first or second hand who has needed the support of a local hospice. This has been a great success which enables us to now spread the Oast House Farm Snacks across the country helping other hospices fundraise for their services in local communities.

As part of your investment with Oast House Farm Snacks, we will negotiate the corporate fundraising contract with your local hospice which will create an immediate demand for your snack boxes, giving you and your business a flying start.
In supporting your local hospice you will receive a great ‘feel good factor’ from your local community. The snack boxes will be branded with your local charity’s details, which will ensure customers recognise the charity you are supporting.

Oast House Farm Snacks have been recognised and accredited by the British Franchise Association (bfa) and are proud provisional members.

Our franchise package:

Oast House Farm Snacks

Naturally you will want to get your business up and running quickly – this is where our support team get to work! We will work with you to create your personal business plan, discuss your expected income levels and start the training process which will include, among other elements, how to create a long term, repeat sales business to ensure you meet your expected income levels. We will then site ALL your snack boxes for you.

Once your self-service display snack boxes, complete with a variety of Oast House Farm branded products, have been delivered to local work places and other locations, without the need for contracts, or indeed, commitment; you will then visit each customer at regular intervals to restock and collect the takings. Should a box be removed from a location, for any reason, you would be expected to re-site the snack box as soon as possible, to ensure no loss of future income.

The franchise fee is just £3,000 for a full time franchise!

Additional funding is required for the display snack boxes and the products required to stock them.

The Franchise Package includes:

  • Exclusive territory in line with your local hospice fundraising area.
  • All your boxes sited for you before you start your business.
  • Coin counter
  • Full training and ongoing support
  • Business stationery
  • Corporate uniform

Why Oast House Farm Snacks?

Oast House Farm Snacks franchise opportunity

  • Experienced business development team. Our team will get your boxes placed into local businesses, schools and other suitable locations before the launch of your franchise and continue to help you with any additional business development you may require
  • An amazing feel good factor. You are in control of maintaining the relationship with your local hospice and you are in control of where your fundraising effort goes to
  • A continuous cash flow business. No waiting for payment from customers
  • A proven model. Key support from a team that have a wealth of experience in franchising
  • Credit terms on stock.
  • A high quality product range that has been developed to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • A unique model in an established marketplace
  • Stock prices include VAT where applicable
  • Seasonal products to ensure ongoing customer engagement
  • Fantastic return on investment. Guaranteed an income from day 1
  • No sales experience necessary. Never a hard sell in this business.

Why You?

Oast House Farm Snacks franchiseThe Oast House Farm Snack business is very special in that from the very start you do not need to take on board large fixed costs such as leases and heavy capital equipment and can simply use your own vehicle or a small van to run the business from day one. You do not rely on the customer coming to you as you go to the customer.

You need to add enthusiasm, drive, hard work and commitment to the system and in the months ahead you will build an amazing repeat business with a friendly and loyal and honest customer base.

If the above appeals to you and you feel that the Oast House Farm Snacks Franchise is just what you have been looking for, get in touch TODAY!

Josey Harman enjoys the freedom to fit work around her family

Oast House Farm Snacks

Having previously worked in nursing care where the hours are unpredictable and long, Josey wanted to find an opportunity that would enable her to spend more time with her family.  After starting her Oast House Farm Snacks franchise, she’s not only increased her income and reduced her working hours, she’s also found a new drive in life.

Josey explains: “I’m getting married later this year and that was the push I needed to recognise that I needed to get my weekends back so I could enjoy time with my family and husband-to-be. As soon as I spoke to the team at Oast House Farm Snacks I knew this was the right fit for me. With the low investment I could afford it from my savings and the fact I would be earning an income from day one meant it was a low-risk business.”

Josey is now enjoying the freedom of being able to set her own hours. “I like to get up early so I often get to my first customer by 8am, but I’m home again by 3pm,” she says. “I enjoy being out and about talking to people so the fact I’m able to see the same people regularly is great for me.”

The biggest challenge for Joise has been understanding and managing the computer systems and book keeping side of the business. She’s found the support from head office invaluable from helping her register as self-employed to getting her systems up and running.

“Not only has Oast House helped me get customers, they’ve been there every step of the way in helping me set up my business,” explains Josey. “In my first week I made double the income I’m used to, which was an amazing boost and I’ve got a better balance between work and family so it’s definitely been a good move.”

Being able to support her local hospice has also been a huge motivation. She says: “I didn’t realise how much money the hospice needed to raise privately so I’m delighted to be able to help them.”

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