About the Franchise

  • Est. 2005
  • Undisclosed
  • Est. time to break even: 6 months
  • No. of Franchises: 9

Key details

Franchise: NobleProg
Established: 2005
No. of franchises: 9

We are currently looking for new franchisee to take over Middle East region and Agents all over the world.

What is a NobleProg Franchise?

Q: Who are NobleProg?

NobleProg is a global franchise of professional training and consultancy providers.

Q: What kind of training and consultancy does NobleProg provide?

We have hundreds of courses across multiple areas. But briefly, we can distinguish following major branches of courses and consultancy:

  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Management
  3. Information Technology
  4. Applied Science

Q: Who are the customers of NobleProg?

Mostly professionals employed by multinational institutions, in both the private and public sector.
For example: Apple Inc, CERN, HSBC, University of Oxford, European Space Agency, Microsoft, eBay, Ernst and Young, Oracle, etc…

Also US, UK, Canadian Polish and Chinese local and central government are important clients.

Q: Where are NobleProg Franchise headquarters located?

We have four headquarters of equal status:

  • London, United Kingdom
  • New York, United States
  • Beijing, China
  • Warsaw, Poland

Why NobleProg Franchise?

Why would I choose NobleProg?

  1. Tried and tested
    A proven business model which has provided a stable, profitable business since 2005.
    To date all franchisees have been successful!
  2. World’s local training provider
    NobleProg has the strength of a big corporation and the flexibility of local providers
  3. Flexible model for all kinds of markets
    We focus on both established and emerging markets
  4. Unique offering
    Unique partnership and accreditation’s with OMG, APMG, iSQI and other recognized bodies in industry certification

We offer over 500 courses (excluding translations)!

What are the major differences between the NobleProg franchise offer and other leading training franchises?

  1. Small groups
    We are focusing on very small groups (usually one or two people), therefore quality of courses is much higher than standard training providers
  2. Fully customised courses
    Because courses are created by trainers worldwide, our courses adjust to the market demand much faster than typical training company
  3. Truly global
    We are global, therefore via benefit of scale, we can invest more in process automation, course development and improvement of the infrastructure than any other local training company
  4. Truly local
    NobleProg originated in an emerging market economy (Poland) and successfully expanded to established markets (UK, US), therefore we know how to deal with both kinds of markets
  5. Unique courses and technologies
    Our offer is in a big part unique, we offer a lot of the newest technologies no-one else offers on the market
  6. Use of Artificial Intelligence and Latest Technology
    We use the latest methods to make course organization more efficient, starting from Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence or Business Process Management.
    Our trainers/consultants participate in development of the newest standards and methods.


Q: How much money do I need to start NobleProg Franchise?

It depends on the territory, but it starts with as little as £10,000 but can go up to £100,000 for the largest territories.

Q: How long do I need to wait for the first income and profit?

It depends on the area and the season (the training industry is seasonal) where it can take up to 3 months to generate your first income – so far all of our franchisees have generated revenue within the first 2 months. Usually it takes up to a year before the break-even point.

Q: What are the fix annual costs of running a small franchise?

The running costs of an example franchise can be found below:

  • Minimum Fee to the Franchisor per year: £5000
  • Telephone/Internet: £500
  • Other Operating Expenses, e.g.: printing, stationary, pens etc…. £500

Total: £6000

Note that there might be other expenses involved like accountants expenses related to your specific area.

Franchisees Testimonials

Franchisee, England, UK

Edward Jenkins

My own career started in the Merchant Navy as a Marine Engineering Officer after which I moved into the IT industry where I was employed for a number of years. Throughout this period I have always thought about running my own business and so I eventually took an early ‘retirement’. I  then decided that for me Franchising would be the best route into business and undertook a lot of research looking at various Franchises before I came across NobleProg franchise. I talked to Bernard, the Franchisor, and immediately liked what I heard in terms of how the business is structured the service it offers plus the enthusiasm of Bernard and his team, and so back in February 2011 I became a Franchisee in the UK. I have not for one moment regretted my decision which has been both profitable from day 1 and enjoyable (I now have my daughter working for me as a Training Co-ordinator). The help and support I get from the NobleProg team is first class and the business systems available to me as Franchisee makes the day-to-day running of the business a smooth operation.

Master Franchisee, Poland

Grzegorz Pruszczynski

I started the NobleProg franchise in 2006 and it has really changed my life. I came from non technical background with little business experience in over this period I have progressed to Master Franchisee and my earnings are much more than I anticipated. I received on going support and training from NobleProg and the chance to grow rapidly. NobleProg franchise allows me to have a flexible lifestyle in terms of family life. I have a seven year old son and I really appreciate their patience and support that they have given me over the years. I have the opportunity to work from home and in the office in Warsaw. When I first started I didn’t realise the potential and I am truly grateful to have been given this olive branch.

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How do I find out more about NobleProg?

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