Lyme Property International Property

About the Franchise

  • Est. 2015
  • £7,995
  • Est. time to break even: 6 months
  • No. of Franchises: 3

Key details

Franchise: Lyme Property International Property
Established: 2015
No. of franchises: 3

About Lyme Property

We are a Spanish SL company trading as Lyme property and were established in 2015 with the sole purpose of offering a network facility for entrepreneurs to sell real estate and property investments from around the globe. Based in Spain, we also offer a facility to offer new build, resale and bank repossessions in Spain from the comfort of your own home or office. The company will train you both initially and on an ongoing basis to enable you to offer clients a great service and wide range of properties and investments. You will receive a minimum of 50 hot leads, purchased by the company at no cost t you, from potential clients enquiring about specific properties from dedicated campaigns. You will receive 65-75% of all commissions.

We offer the option to set up on your own after six months within the Lyme Property network which we will fully assist with, or the option to remain in our network and to continue to get the support and paid for leads we offer as the package.

Whilst restricted in number, we are  currently offering a discount on our full purchase price of £9,995 to just £7,995.  We also offer the option of interest free finance for half of the purchase price, or a 10% discount for payment in full. All we ask is that you have an aptitude for sales and work on an ethical basis. Our best clients are referrals, and we want to ensure you offer a fact based service to all clients.

Some further detail…

This business will give you the opportunity to earn £50,000 to £100,000 in your first year and potentially up to £150,000 in your second year, all from the comfort of you own home or small office

What will you be selling?

We have a range of investments from airport car parking spaces at Gatwick and Malaga, to office space in New York, Thai apartments with fixed returns to UK apartment and student accommodation. We also offer Spanish new and resale properties and a range of thousands of Spanish bank repossessions. Every month we add other investments after they have been approved by the Managing Director. We are very careful what is offered for sale as there are some high commission products that are literally too good to be true, and so each investment is carefully vetted to ensure our clients get the best deal.


We will pass on clients that are generated from specific mailshots from our own internal databases and external paid for campaigns so you never have to cold call, you just contact clients that have interest in a specific investment. By the time you have spoken to them you will be trained and knowledgeable about all of our investment properties so if a client does not want to proceed with the purchase, then the ability to sell other investments is there. There will be a minimum of 50 hot leads per month for Lyme Property network members at no extra cost.


Commissions vary but generally your share of any sale would rarely be below £1,000 and in some circumstances can be tens of thousands, depending on size of the investment. You receive a set percentage of each commission generated and we take a share to cover overheads and the cost of generating the leads. Payment is made to you within 48 hours of receipt of monies due, but will generally be done on the day funds are received. Details of commission splits can be informed by direct message.


The commission split is so high in your favour that there is an opportunity to expand by taking on agents under your own umbrella and purchasing more hot leads from the company.


There is very little paperwork for you to do. We arrange almost everything. All you will need to do once a sale is agreed, is arrange for client ID proof to be sent to Head office and to get registration forms completed and sent to Head Office.

Website and email accounts

Currently the website has both investment/investment property on and also Spanish property. A new website is currently under construction and will be launch before the middle of July. You will be provided with email accounts and access to a CRM from which you will control your clients..


Training will be provided via Skype on a group and one to one basis. All information will be shared via Dropbox for each investment. You should be a natural ethical sales person and enjoy talking to people. The investments are carefully selected so it is just a matter of connecting the buyer to the opportunity and reaping the attractive rewards.

Longer term options

For a minimum of six months, you will be part of the Lyme property network where you will have everything provided for you including a minimum of 50 hot leads per month and administrative and marketing services. All you need to do is convert the leads to sales and we do the rest. You receive a high percentage of the commission. You can choose to remain part of the Lyme Property network


If, after a minimum of six months, you feel you would prefer to operate on your own, we assist you in every way as by then you will have all the skills required to operate with success, and have access to all the contacts you will need but you will then need to purchase leads, fund all operating costs and maybe employ further staff to undertake the administrative requirements.

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