Jasper’s Catering

About the Franchise

  • Est. 2003
  • £100,000
  • Est. time to break even: 12 months
  • No. of Franchises: 15

Key details

Franchise: Jasper’s Catering
Established: 2003
No. of franchises: 15

The Financials

Let’s begin with the nitty gritty: the investment needed for your own Jasper’s Catering Franchise

– £29,997 + VAT for the franchise fee which grants you the right to trade as a franchisee under the identity of Jasper’s Catering Services Ltd for the duration of the franchise agreement

– £54,500 – £60,000 + VAT for the design and fit out of your commercial kitchen

– £25,000 working capital (this amount varies depending on your own needs)

You will need liquid capital for the franchise fee including VAT but the rest can be funded through credible lenders who support franchising and Jasper’s. We get preferential lending rates and work closely with the franchising teams at NatWest, HSBC, & Lloyds TSB and we will make sure you speak to the right people to attain the investment you need.

What We Offer

People like you love food and need food. That’s why food businesses are so popular. But this isn’t any food business. A Jasper’s Catering franchise gives you the opportunity to build your own successful catering management business, with all the support of an award-winning franchise network. You will look after the catering needs of some of the UK’s leading companies and provide hot and cold delivered catering for their daily meetings, lunches and other corporate events.

Offering more choice than any other caterer to, Jasper’s is a franchise model that is proactive and dynamic in a resilient and profitable marketplace.

Jasper's Catering Franchise opportunity

What Is The Jasper’s Opportunity?

  •  Jasper’s is a food franchise aimed at corporate businesses and their employees that require food for meetings, lunches and events
  • You will produce a range of different foods including hot and cold buffets, individual lunches, fruit boxes, snacks and sundries
  • The food will be made from your commercial catering unit, based in your own exclusive mapped out territory that will contain around 13,000 businesses
  • Deliveries will be made in your Jasper’s branded refrigerated van where you can ensure all food stays “just made” fresh until it’s ready to be enjoyed by your customers
  • You will have between 70 -100 clients by the end of your first year ordering catering from you, with an average spend of £110 a week per client
  • The market potential is vast, with sandwiches alone in this industry worth £2.8billion a year.
  • You must be prepared to take advantage of all the leads and prospective business we guarantee to put you in front of, with a minimum of 4 booked appointments a week for the first 12 months
  • Jasper’s is a real business opportunity for ambitious people who love the excitement of a delivering first class customer service and high quality food

Jasper's Catering food franchise

What’s So Special About This Opportunity?

Jasper's Catering Franchise Ltd

  • Multiple revenue streams in a resilient marketplace
  • In year one, Jasper’s guarantees to book you £1,000,000 worth of prospective business appointments
  • You won’t pay any Management Service Fee for the first nine months
  • You will get £40,000 worth of free stock (at sale value) in your first four months of trading
  • You will have your own exclusively mapped business territory of around 13,000 prospective customers
  • Unlike a retail franchise, you aren’t reliant on passing trade – Jasper’s is aimed at corporate clients
  • We operate from commercial business units meaning no high street rents and rates
  • Access to our unique and award winning Business Management System tool to manage your franchise
  • Nobody in our marketplace can compete with our range of products and services

Who Are We Looking For?

This unique food franchise opportunity isn’t suitable for everyone. We need the right kind of people with the right mind-set: Hard working, ambitious, positive and open minded individuals (or couples) who want to learn and thrive.

A background in the hospitality industry is an advantage, but not essential if you have the qualities we are looking for. You will need:

  • Passion and ambition to run your own successful franchise
  • Motivation and discipline to follow systems that get results
  • A good eye for detail
  • Flair for presentation
  • To set and deliver high standards
  • To thrive on meeting new people and building relationships
  • Genuine desire and commitment to providing a great service
  • Experience of leading people and managing small teams

Jasper's franchise opportunity

We Will Help You!

Jasper's Catering Image

Our experienced team at Jasper’s HQ will support you from the very beginning: mapping out your exclusive territory, finding the premises for your commercial kitchen, along with identifying and booking you £1,000,000 worth of prospective customers in your first year.

We will also provide you with all the systems and processes you will use to manage your business, and give you full training and marketing support.

We will ensure to give you everything you need to get you off the ground and will provide ongoing support every step of the way as you grow your business into a profitable and successful Jasper’s Catering business.

Jasper's food and beverage

Jasper’s Testimonials

“With hard work and the application of systems we are proof that you can create a Jasper’s franchise that can net a six figure profit. I expect in excess of £100,000 net over the next twelve months whilst working as little as 20 hours a week some weeks and up to 50 other weeks dependent on the weekly circumstances. The average time I spend on my franchise is probably 30 hours a week but don’t be fooledJasper's Catering testimonials into thinking success comes easily. Owning your own franchise requires passion and ruthless dedication. You will need to take sole responsibility for the prosperity of your business and NEVER give up. But there is no doubt that in the right hands, a Jasper’s Catering franchise will generate in excess of £100,000 a year.”

~ Mark Gee, Director, Jasper’s Coventry

‘‘When we first started to run our Jasper’s Catering franchise, the learning curve was steep. You need to be prepared for this. But we are getting more and more in control and are working hard. There is no doubt that the amount of business out there is huge and is there to be taken, even in a recession. If you are ambitious, want to follow proven systems and processes that work AND you or your business partner like winning new customers Jasper's Catering Franchise Ltdthen Jasper’s will give you a six figure income. If I sound like a fan of Jasper’s it is because I am, and I am 100% convinced that with the right people in charge, who follow the systems, you can earn serious money from this”

~ Kerrie Regan, Director, Jasper’s Milton Keynes

“We opened up in the North East of England in the worst economic conditions for 100 years according to the newspapers. In the following three years we grew to well in excess of our £500,000 target and the profitability was higher than we expected to make before we joined Jasper’s.
As the business grew we admit we lost focus on controlling margin, but thankfully the franchisor stepped in and gave our franchise a ‘health check’. Not only did they highlight £40,000 extra profit within our business, they also Jasper's Catering hospitality franchisegave us the very practical steps to rein this in. No doubt about it, when you follow the systems and processes of your Jasper’s Catering business you can earn six figures.”

~ Sue Burrow, Director, Jasper’s Newcastle

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