About the Franchise

  • Est. 2006
  • £200,000
  • Est. time to break even: Undisclosed
  • No. of Franchises: 5

Key details

Franchise: Francesca
Established: 2006
No. of franchises: 5

Francesca franchise opportunity

Francesca® is a fast casual restaurant chain serving pasta seasoned with traditional Italian sauces from the Northern and Southern traditions to eat in, take away or have delivered.

All sauces are produced internally in the company kitchen facilities using organic tomatoes and other seasonal quality ingredients from reputed Italian suppliers. Thanks to its unique proprietary cooking system, Francesca® can serve perfectly “al dente” pasta in under 60 seconds combining restaurant quality with speed of service. The menu is complemented by salads, pizza, baguettes, coffee and desserts, providing an all-day meal and snacking solution.

Francesca® has operated since 1998. There are 64 restaurants worldwide, serving 2,412,000 portions of pasta every year to an ever growing customer base made of families, students, office workers, tourists and shoppers.

Francesca® does not require air extraction and therefore it can trade under A1. Thanks to this versatile model Francesca operates in a wide variety of locations including high streets, shopping malls, railway stations, airports and motorway services.

Francesca food and beverage franchise opportunity


Name a product that is more popular than pasta or pizza! We appeal to a very large customer base.

We are a “better fast food” concept: restaurant quality at high speed thanks to our 60-second cooking proprietary system.

Francesca food & beverage franchise

Ours is a totally de-skilled business: we do not require chefs or similar restaurant staff to make and serve restaurant quality food. Simplicity is an integral part of our system and know-how.

Our product range is varied, with little seasonality. For example, we sell high quality Illy coffee and locally-produced artisan gelato but we do not rely just on coffee and gelato to make our turnover. We are not a seasonal business.

No extraction needed, no open flames, frying or grilling: we trade under A1. A3 locations are harder to find and more expensive. Our Franchise Partners do not need to buy extract or other expensive kitchen equipment. We know that food provenance and traceability are increasingly important for our customers, that is why we make our own sauces and we have forged long-term relationships with reputable suppliers. We also make available nutritional and allergen information.

Our business model ensures multiple revenue streams to our Franchise Partners: eat in, take away, home or corporate deliveries.

Francesca cafe restaurant franchise


1) We have been franchising since 2006. During this time we have developed and refined the training and support systems based on the feedback received from our Franchise Partners.

2) In the UK we enjoy brand reputation and prime real estate is accessible under our brand umbrella.

Francesca coffee and snacks

3) Finance and assistance to secure it are available from our professional team. We will also supply you with a Business Plan template and help you with the formulation of your own projections.

4) Highly sought after territories recently made available, including Central London and South of England locations.

5) Incentives are available (2016 only): entry fee £15,000 + VAT instead of £17,500 + VAT.

Francesca franchise package


We offer a comprehensive, personalised assistance in setting up and running your own Francesca® restaurant:

  • Assistance with location sourcing via our Real Estate Team.
  • Provision of a 4-week training programme during which Franchise Partners are trained in the operation, management and development of their store.
  • Assistance with store design, construction and ordering of equipment
  • Help with sourcing of local ingredients (where applicable)
  • Launch marketing programme
  • Supply of a full array of marketing templates
  • Support during the opening of the store by seasoned staff members

Francesca great food franchise


  • Constant menu development: one new sauce launched every month and a new pasta every 6 months. Overall menu review every 12 months. All new products accompanied by specific marketing collateral and franchise manual updates.
  • Refresher training sessions
  • Innovations and system improvements
  • Franchise manual updates
  • Periodical auditing, review and planning
  • National Marketing Planning
  • National meetings
  • Help line
  • Business guidance by an experienced management team with a solid track-record in the Food & Beverage industry



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