Ed’s Garden Maintenance

About the Franchise

  • Est. 2007
  • £10,995
  • Est. time to break even: 3 months
  • No. of Franchises: 39

Key details

Franchise: Ed’s Garden Maintenance
Established: 2007
No. of franchises: 39


Ed’s Garden Maintenance is the UK’s largest domestic garden maintenance franchise and is a full member of the British Franchise Association delivering over £1.6 million of gardening services in 2015. Our franchisees come from all walks of life, all ages and backgrounds. What they do share is the desire to build a profitable business giving them control, freedom, and a better work/life balance.

If you’re looking for a change of direction, then a franchise with Ed’s is a low-risk way to create a successful and profitable gardening business. Our proven business model supports you with training, business planning and marketing to help you achieve your goals.

About Ed’s


Edward Mauleverer turned his back on corporate life in 2003 (he’d always wanted to own a farm but couldn’t afford one) in search of a more meaningful way to make a living and a greater sense of satisfaction. He started Ed’s Garden Maintenance providing domestic gardening services in his local area including lawn cutting and hedge trimming. For the next four years Ed developed and refined the business model, building his own highly successful and profitable gardening business. Ed’s started franchising in 2007; today Ed’s has over 30 operators across the UK.

The Franchise Opportunity

Ed’s is all about providing a prompt and reliable garden maintenance service that will enable you to build a regular and growing customer base. Becoming an Ed’s Operator means joining a team. We are looking for people with a professional attitude and a commitment to deliver a high-quality service, and who are passionate about building their gardening business.

Backed by the Ed’s brand you will have a protected territory and an initial guarantee of work to get you going.  Our technology; including our website and call-handling system gives us a competitive edge and is one of our USPs!

An unusual aspect of Ed’s model is that it allows franchisees to ‘split’ their business. Having built up a significant business you can sell some of your customer base to a new franchisee releasing a capital sum that can be larger than your initial investment.  You retain your franchise status and have the opportunity to build your business again. We’ve already had franchisees successfully split their business and expect others to follow.

We also believe in the full operator lifecycle. Ed’s  has invested significant effort to help Operators build value in their businesses and realise this when selling. To date, those Operators who have followed the system and marketed their business for sale have done so successfully. Similar to a split, this has also provided a new operator joining Ed’s  with a readymade customer base and take the business to the next level.


Training & Support

Most new Operators don’t have hands-on experience in garden maintenance. The required technical skills are easily learned through Ed’s training courses. We always make sure you get to spend time ‘out on the road’ with experienced and established Operators so that you can learn first-hand. You will be taught how to use all equipment and we have regular team meetings along with some extremely popular training sessions with experts at RHS Wisley. Regular business planning and marketing activity also form part of our ongoing support as your business develops and you move towards your goals.

Financial Information

The Initial license fee for an Ed’s Franchise is £10,995 plus a vehicle and equipment. In 2014 forty percent of the network had an EBITDA of over £33,000.

Some highlights of what Ed’s™ can offer you:

  • Proven business model
  • Start-up package including guarantee of work
  • New customer enquiries generated through Ed’s advertising
  • Ongoing training, business support and regular business reviews
  • The opportunity to tailor your business to suit your lifestyle
  • The opportunity to ‘split’ your successful business releasing capital which couldmore than your initial investment

Territories and Locations

We have franchise opportunities available throughout the UK

Franchisee Profile

Ed’s is all about providing a prompt and reliable service. Our reputation is important so you’ll need to be customer focused with a friendly and positive disposition. Gardening is a physical job so you’ll need to be healthy and reasonably fit. A strong desire to succeed and an appetite for hard work are all qualities that you will find in our team of operators. You’ll also need to be motivated to commit to the journey of building your own business – there will be challenges along the way so determination and a ‘can do’ attitude are important.


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