About the Franchise

  • Est. 2005
  • £200,000
  • Est. time to break even: Undisclosed
  • No. of Franchises: 4

Key details

Franchise: Crêpeaffaire
Established: 2005
No. of franchises: 4

Crepe Affaire franchise opportunity

Crêpeaffaire is a unique and independent quality food brand, serving freshly baked savoury and sweet crêpes made with organic flour and natural ingredients. The range is complemented by organic and fairtrade coffee, ice cream, smoothies and shakes. Since its 2004 creation, it has become the UK’s market leader, successfully operating in a variety of locations and formats in the UK, Holland and Kuwait.


Our philosophy is to position crêpes as an indulgent yet healthy alternative to traditional fast food within the quick-casual food segment. Our concept caters to a wide target audience for all-day eating and snacking with a product and packaging ideal to eat in or to consume on the go. Our unique production system features a crêpe theatre and ensures speed, hygiene and a total absence of odours.

Crêpeaffaire has a modern urban pitch with a distinct Continental/French flavour. It is ideally suited to a shopping, leisure and transport destination/ interchanges with a varied clientele and brand representation, both in the UK and internationally.

“Gem of a restaurant… crêpes are absolutely delicious with variations to tickle both the sweet and savoury palate”


Crêpeaffaire’s Position in the Marketplace

Crepe Affaire delicious food franchise

Crêpes benefit from wide-spread awareness and appreciation, however the market remains fragmented with a number of independently owned operators. There are no professionally branded and operated concepts in UK/mainland Europe, and there is an absence of standardised production and management systems. This is why Crêpeaffaire is such a huge opportunity for success! Our objectives are:

  • Be the consumers’ brand of choice in the crêpe segment in any chosen market
  • Become the undisputed leader in the QSR crêpes segment in any chosen market
  • Increase presence through company-owned store expansion and franchising

Our strategy:

  • Establish Crepeaffaire as the gold standard of sweet and savoury crêpes without the perceived negatives of a traditional offer.
  • Focus on high-traffic cosmopolitan/tourist and shopping areas, transport-interchanges and leisure destinations and optimise brand presence through a balanced mix of company-owned and franchised stores.
  • Assess locations on a case-by-case basis depending on their suitability for a franchised or company-owned store model.
  • Drive marketing initiatives at POS, through targeted campaigns and 3rd party partnerships

“There are so many fast food outlets out there but nothing healthy so far. I walk past your shop most mornings and to get a breakfast crêpe is a great way to start the day” 

—Dave P. (London)

Why Choose Crêpeaffaire?

Crêpeaffaire is a unique franchise opportunity in the food franchise industry:

Crêpeaffaire is a unique franchise opportunity in the food franchise industry

  • Strong appeal across all age groups, genders, demographics and nationalities
  • Families, shoppers, office workers, tourists
  • Foodies, the health conscious, indulgence seekers
  • Wide range of accessible price points —great value for money
  • Strongly impulse driven trial with enormous and measurable loyalty
  • Average transaction size range: £4.50–£9.50 (depending on location)

In a nutshell, entertainment for all taste buds!

The following elements make our offer extremely attractive to our target market:

    • Quality: constantly monitored, zero variance tolerance
    • Convenience:eat in or take away, specially designed take-away cone packaging or delivery in branded boxes —mess-proof, heat-proof
    • Crêpe theatre: visual impact and visibility of preparation
    • Health: natural and fresh ingredients, organic flour, favourable nutritional values, in line with a responsible diet and lifestyle
    • Hygiene:no direct food contact, no odours, no need for outside extraction
    • Flexibility: offer highly adaptable to suit local taste internationally

The Franchise Opportunity

Building on the success of our company stores, we are ready to expand our presence in the UK and overseas. Franchising is a crucial part of our brand expansion strategy, and we welcome applications from individuals and organisations with relevant background experience and resources.

      • Excellent brand with enormous brand value
      • Unique and proven business format
      • Full set of tested systems and procedures
      • Demonstrated quality control systems allowing excellence throughout the supply chain
      • Excellent business reputation
      • Strong marketing platform and expertise ensuring wide brand exposure
      • Support of a top class management team with extensive experience in the hospitality and leisure industries
      • Ideal opportunity for individual operators and established food retail organisations

Training and Support

We will provide you with a structured training programme and a comprehensive support package, including:


      • Assistance with site selection and design
      • Broad pre-and post-opening training
      • Full set of operations manuals
      • Marketing support, tools and collateral
      • Nominated suppliers and support in the identification of local supply chain
      • Regular field visits and audits
      • Business guidance
      • Contacts with qualified banks for funding supply (UK)

Our Requirements

We want to partner with individuals and companies that have previous experience in running F&B or retail establishments on a multi-site basis in the UK and internationally and that are willing to commit to developing a cluster of Crêpeaffaire stores in their own area/market according to a solid business plan.


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