BBX (Business Bank Exchange) UK Franchise

About the Franchise

  • Est. 1993
  • £20,000
  • Est. time to break even: 6 months
  • No. of Franchises: Undisclosed

Key details

Franchise: BBX (Business Bank Exchange) UK Franchise
Established: 1993
No. of franchises: Undisclosed

Our Mission…

is to work in a proactive way to capture and monetise what otherwise would have been worthless spare capacity in a business.
We identify and show our clients how much spare capacity they have in their business – this is the ability to take on more customers without increasing fixed costs. Currently over 60% of businesses experience spare capacity on a regular basis costing hundreds of billions in lost revenue yearly.
Using our global trading platform we will sell spare capacity for BBX pounds and introduce new customers in the process.

BBX will help identify expenses in businesses that you currently don’t have a budget for and use the BBX pounds that have been earned to pay for the expenses.

Franchise Opportunities with BBX

Regional Franchise

BBX has established 13 regional franchise positions in the UK for entrepreneurial people with a strong background in direct sales management.

Regions include populations from 2 to 5 million. As a regional franchisee you would be instrumental in the growth of the territory with a financial package in keeping with this opportunity covering the following main responsibilities:

  • Establish a regional sales office

  • Recruit and manage a regional team of telesales and field sales personnel

  • Conduct a multi-faceted regional marketing operation

  • Generate a steady flow of new clients for each of the 5 district branches in your region.

  • Recruit regional membership organisations to become Ambassador Partners

  • Motivate BBX account holders to assist in the growth of the network

Branch Franchise

Sales managers with a background in account management or customer service should consider one of the 65 branch franchises and become the local branch owner to maximise account value for the local BBX account holders.

This franchise position involves an exciting mix of trading and account management pulling on the skills of customer service and creative trading / selling to maximise the return for customers. You will be responsible for:

  • Establish a local branch office

  • Recruit and manage account managers (1 per 200 clients)

  • Maximise the trading opportunities with clients using BBX software and systems

  • Conduct client networking events and trade shows within the area

  • Work closely with the Regional franchisee to maximise the growth potential

  • Liaise with the wider network of BBX branches regionally, nationally and globally

Benefits of a BBX Franchise

  • Global trading platform refined over 22 years to maximise income generation

  • Trading links in many other countries including China – giving us the largest geographical reach in the industry

  • Established network of franchisees throughout the world

  • Full Residential and on-site training for new franchisees and their staff (initial and ongoing)

  • Low ongoing overheads Franchisor covers all fee processing leaving the franchisee to concentrate on income generation

  • Powerful and unique affiliate ambassador scheme to maximise the franchise growth

  • BBX interest free credit line to fund marketing and growth spends

  • Multiple income streams generating revenue 24/7 from global activity including:

    • Trading revenue

    • Annual card fee revenue

    • Account upgrade fee revenue

    • Ambassador referral revenue

    • 5 year renewable franchise offering flexibility and value

    • Achieve net profits you could only dream of and High re-sale values

  • BBX has a strong pedigree in developing individuals and promoting them through their achievements

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