A family friendly business opportunity awaits…

Ensuring that their children have the necessary life skills and are healthy is something all parents want.

Being able to cook for themselves is one such skill. AlphaBake Cookery franchise is an opportunity for you to become part of a business that helps children learn to cook in a fun, productive environment. Keep reading to find out more.

UK food industry

The food industry is one of the biggest ones in the UK, given that the country is 60% self-sufficient when it comes to food production. This statistic is more important to keep in mind than ever, given that Brexit, that would most likely lead to increases in prices of imported foods, is not too far off.

Given that people’s learning abilities are at its finest at a young age, it is best to start teaching children how to cook as soon as possible. Keep reading to learn how the founder of AlphaBake Cookery franchise is enabling many children to do just that.

The most important thing to keep in mind when starting a food business is how that business is going to address a gap in the market. AlphaBake Cookery (formerly Cookies Cooking School) started because the founder didn’t like the fact that so many people relied on TV dinners and wanted to ensure that her children knew how important, and fun, it is to cook homemade meals.

Is AlphaBake Cookery an opportunity for me?

AlphaBake Cookery is a children’s franchise established initially as Cookies Cooking School 13 years ago by a mother of three. Today’s success of the franchise is a testament to how well the founder has identified the gap in the market and addressed it. The idea was to ensure that children had the necessary cooking skills they would need later in life as students and adults. AlphaBake Cookery offers fun cooking classes with hands-on learning in a group environment.

If you are motivated by the idea of working with children and making their lives better, and want to run a business that doesn’t get in the way of your family obligations and other responsibilities, AlphaBake Cookery franchise might be perfect for you. There are certain certifications a prospective AlphaBake Cookery franchisee would need to obtain, such as First Aid and Level 2 Hygiene, with which the franchise can help. A UK driving license is also required. The franchise doesn’t expect its franchisees to have a background in cooking or even business management, but it does require franchisees to have excellent communication skills and to be able to work with children.

In exchange for the right personality for the job and start-up costs on £7,950, you as an AlphaBake Cookery franchisee would have access to the full start-up kit of equipment and a comprehensive library of recipes. You would have your own exclusive territory on which you would operate, and your own section on the AlphaBake Cookery website, and be set up with an e-mail account. The training and support include an introduction to a tried and tested business model, business management, accounting,  marketing and PR. Marketing materials are also included in the package. The support is provided not only at the start, but also throughout all stages of running your AlphaBake Cookery business.

Want to work with children but haven’t yet made up your mind about a business model? Click here to browse our available children’s franchises!

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