Franchise focus: Work from home with SmartPA

The technological advancements of today make it easier than ever to balance work and personal life.

Being involved with a business services franchise like SmartPA can both help you obtain that balance and help others do the same.

Cut the cost of over overheads

Many modern businesses strive to increase productivity and efficiency. They want to dedicate their time and resources to their products and services, whilst minimising other costs, including personal assistant expenses. Some businesses are even looking to delegate other business processes to outside professionals in order to save money and ensure that their employees focus on product and service related processes instead of admin work.

Since there is an increasing demand for virtual PA services all over the world, and in particular in the UK, the number of suppliers of such services is also increasing very rapidly. The overall purpose of virtual assistants is to help businesses increase productivity by outsourcing PA services to external providers (virtual assistants). The Internet has made it possible to outsource to virtual assistants from all over the world. The flexibility of virtual assistants, as well as the large number of suppliers and diversity of the services on offer, allow businesses to hire them on whatever basis they need, and for whatever specific services.

Is SmartPA an opportunity for me?

SmartPA is a business services franchise that offers virtual personal assistant support and administrative support to its clients. Its success has been made possible thanks to the web-based technology that manages to connect millions of people across the globe every day. The franchisors know why the virtual PA services are on the rise and strive to provide top-level services to all of their clients.

This is achieved by virtue of combining the skills and experience of the SmartPA franchisees and the newest technology available. It goes without saying that SmartPA’s most important asset is its people – its franchisees. For that reason, the franchise requires the prospective franchisees to be ambitious and hard-working people. The background of a franchisee is not important, but they have to be ready and willing to learn new skills. SmartPA is a franchise that provides training that is completely bespoke and depends on the business model of the franchisee. All the training is provided online via Skype and the SmartPA Hub.

The business models offered by SmartPA business services franchise include Corporate Sales, Managed Services, Client Delivery and International Development. The diversity of the models on offer is a testament to the diverse skills and experience of the franchise’s main asset – its franchisees. The franchisees receive, in return for their skills and experience, as well as start-up costs of £12,500, bespoke training related to their business model that covers everything from technology training to sales. The franchise’s package also includes full access to the SmartPA Hub, the CRM system, and guaranteed income – a client is provided by the Head Office to each franchisee, in addition to hot leads and digital marketing team’s support.

The franchisees of SmartPA also receive ongoing Head Office support that allows them to work from home and work as much as their other commitments allow them to. The franchise also offers a Holiday Plan – even when a franchisee takes time off, their clients are still taken care of by SmartPA’s Head Office and the franchisee still receives a percentage of royalties. This flexibility available to franchisees is an important reason why SmartPA business services franchise is a popular choice for those who want to be equally successful in their professional and family life. Unlike a full-time job, working as a SmartPA franchisee doesn’t require a commute and can fit around your personal commitments.

Interested in finding out more about SmartPA?

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