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Three successful franchises in the automotive industry

Calling all auto enthusiasts: Ready to turn your passion into a business?

If you want to be a part of this industry and run a business about which you’re truly passionate, keep reading to learn the stories of three successful automotive franchises.

Here are three automotive franchises that have introduced technology into their business with great success:

Is Revive for me?

Revive - Mobile Car Care franchise

Revive is an automotive franchise that is a good example of a venture that uses technology in order to foster relationships with its customers without going overboard. The result is that the materials used in the franchise’s paint job repair services are of the highest quality. Revive’s priority is to ensure the best customer service possible and retain their clients through maintaining the consistency of the brand all across. This is done by hiring franchisees who are ambitious, passionate about customer service and the industry.

In return for these qualities and start-up costs of £20,000, you as a franchisee would obtain control over your territory, the entire goodwill of a very recognisable brand, a full package of training, both pre- and post-launch and ongoing Head Office support. In terms of equipment, you would have your own Revive! van with your contact information and all the materials necessary for the job. Insurance is also included in the package.

Can Hometyre be my home away from home?

Hometyre (Mobile tyre services) franchise

Hometyre’s main asset is their experience in providing diverse services for a large variety of clients. As a result of over 10 years of that experience, the brand is a recognizable one and attractive to prospective franchisees. The technology innovations of the automotive industry have allowed this automotive franchise to improve their already high quality of customer service even further by expanding their service packages and tailoring them towards each client’s individual needs. Since customer service is one of the main distinguishing features of the Hometyre brand, they expect their franchisees to make it a priority when offering their services. In addition, they also require business management skills and experience.

These skills and experience, combined with the start-up costs of £29,750, give a Hometyre franchisee a large exclusive territory to run their business, mentoring and practical training before the launch and ongoing support, and a full package of materials, including promotional items.

Should I consider Mobile Car Spa?

Mobile Car Spa franchise

Mobile Car Spa is an automotive franchise best suited for people who are genuinely passionate about cars and want to run a business in a way that would help them pursue that passion and help people at the same time. A prospective franchisee has to be able to work hard and motivate themselves and others. Since the Mobile Car Spa brand is renowned for its top-level customer service, client care skills are also a must in a franchisee.

The above skills, together with start-up costs of £10,000, would provide a Mobile Car Spa franchisee with flexible hours, a large exclusive territory for their operations, a spot on the franchise’s website with their contact information, a large promotional materials pack, and the goodwill of an established automotive service brand. In terms of equipment, all Mobile Car Spa franchisees are provided with all the devices, materials and products needed to offer top quality car care service and a van. Regarding training on offer, the initial induction session is one-on-one for best results, and the support is offered throughout all stages of running the franchise.

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