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Exploring the pest control industry

Pest control is an industry that you might not have considered when you thought about new business opportunities, but one definitely worth thinking about.

Given that the demand for the services is always going to exist, it could be a very lucrative opportunity. Keep reading to learn a little about the industry and the story of a successful pest control franchise.

A successful niche market

Today, pest control companies are working to bridge a gap in the market left by the governmental cuts to the funding of in-house pest control teams of certain local authorities. These authorities, as well as the majority of commercial retailers and private citizens, now hire private providers of pest control services.

Offices and hospitality premises often tempt common pests, and their numbers are increasing thanks to urbanisation, which also means that the demand for pest controllers is high.

Is Pest Company for me?

The Pest Company franchise founders – the Mills brothers – created the franchise in 2014 in order to cater to the public and to take advantage of the growing industry. The Pest Company offers pest control services for both residential households and commercial and industrial premises. Both founders have seen many changes to the pest control industry throughout the years and have the impressive clientele that serves as a testament to how well they’ve adapted to these changes. The Pest Company provides a very wide spectrum of pest control services that are very much in demand today, including, but not limited to, bedbugs and cockroaches control, rodents control, rabbit and squirrel control, and wasp and bee control.

Given the experience and professionalism of the founders of The Pest Company franchise, it is no surprise that they expect their franchisees to be able to work hard and be professional. Although franchisees aren’t required to have any previous experience in pest control, they are expected to be good communicators and driven to provide top level customer service. The Pest Company, although relatively new, has managed to establish a strong, consistent brand across its franchisees’ territories, and new franchisees would need to follow a proven system in order to uphold the values of the brand.

In exchange for determination to succeed and willingness to be part of The Pest Company brand, and the investment of £18,295, a new Pest Company franchisee would receive a comprehensive starter package. This package includes franchisee’s own exclusive territory where they would have a monopoly on pest control services and potentially an existing customer base, a fully equipped van with the registered trademark, marketing materials (both paper and digital), and all the necessary CRB checks and certifications.

In addition, The Pest Company invests a lot of resources into franchisee training. The training covers all aspects of running a pest control franchise, including the technical side of things, customer service tips and business administration tips, and marketing on the franchisee’s territory. The support provided by the franchise is ongoing and includes arranging appointments with pre-screened potential clients, as well as assistance with digital marketing campaigns.

Do you think the pest control industry could be for you? Then click here to learn more about it!

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