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Exploring the £6bn private tuition industry

Private tuition for secondary school students has increased by more than one third in the recent years, say the results of a poll conducted by the Sutton Trust.

In London, people are prepared to pay up to £60 per hour. It is, therefore, at least worth thinking about buying a private tuition franchise. Take a look at some of the benefits of private tuition and of owning a private tuition franchise, and learn about a very successful UK private tuition franchise – Tutor Doctor.

Tuition market growth

Tutor Doctor is a thriving UK private tuition franchise and is an important player in the £6bn UK private tuition industry. The tuition market,  doesn’t seem to be stopping its growth and expansion anytime soon – nowadays, tutors are hired by representatives of all backgrounds, says founder of Tutor Pages Henry Fagg. Getting into a first choice university can be difficult, and parents believe that private tuition can give their child that something extra that can ensure that their application ends up in the acceptance pile. Tutor Doctor is no exception. The number of its franchisees has increased by approximately 50% over the last year, due to the increasing demand for private tuition. Their franchisees have truly made a difference in many young people’s lives over the years by offering private tuition services tailored specifically towards the needs of the students.

What’s so great about home tutoring

Learning during private tuition session is very different from learning in class-room setting. The teacher can focus specifically on the needs of your child and work on achieving specific goals. For example, if a child is struggling with a particular subject at school, and is unable to get help from teachers, a tutor’s help with the subject or the exam technique would be invaluable, especially if a University requires particular grades for that subject. The one-on-one approach also provides an additional chance to review a student’s work and identify any gaps and problem areas for the tutor to focus on. It can also give the student a chance to ask questions they might not have received in the classroom environment – whether due to time constraints or anxiety.

Private tuition can also make a real difference for children with special needs whose teachers are unable to create an environment conducive to their learning needs. The help these children receive during private tuition sessions provides an excellent confidence boost, says head of St James’ Senior Boys’ School, David Boddy.

Private tuition is essentially a chance for a child to learn in a way that works for them specifically. A tutor can test out the learning methods and paces and select those that are suitable for the student. Classroom strategies and pace don’t always work and as a result, children can miss out on important knowledge. Private tuition can provide a real solution to that problem.

Should you buy a private tuition franchise?

If you are looking to be a business owner who makes a real difference in people’s lives, we definitely recommend buying a private tuition franchise like Tutor Doctor. Having a background in education isn’t required – you just need to be motivated and able to work with people. Being a Tutor Doctor franchisee would provide you with the flexibility of working from home and you will have the franchisor’s ongoing support and be provided with initial training. The franchise incorporates the latest technologies into their business management, as well as into the learning methods employed by tutors.

It goes without saying that being a Tutor Doctor franchisee would require hard work along with the ability to manage the business and the tutors working for you. Therefore, organisation and people skills are essential. However, the effort is genuinely worth the reward, a fulfilling career that makes a difference to the lives and future of children.

Want to find out more about Tutor Doctor?

If you want to read more about the Tutor Doctor franchise, take a look at their franchise profile today. If you want to find out more, then simply fill out the enquiry form at the bottom of the page and the franchise will be in touch.

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