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Ex-mechanic achieves perfect work-life balance with Mac Tools

Mac Tools reputation for quality and consistency means that the company’s products are extremely popular among motor mechanics.

After all, these are people whose livelihoods depend on the ability to work safely and efficiently, so having the right tools for the job is crucial, and it’s the reason they trust Mac Tools. Thanks to that reputation, many people have chosen to operate a Mac Tools franchise, having had direct experience with the brand in their professional lives.

Life before the franchise

Anthony Halsey is one such former mechanic who made the move from being a Mac Tools customer to a Mac Tools franchise holder in September 2015. Prior to taking on the franchise, Anthony was a controller in an HGV workshop overseeing 12 technicians, as well as looking after both the front of house reception and the invoicing office. This followed his previous employment as a workshop controller for VW and prior to that, a qualified technician.

Anthony takes up the story of why he decided to make the move from user to supplier. “I chose to go with a Mac Tools franchise after researching a lot of options. I really liked the fact that Mac Tools allows franchise holders to control the business and make their own decisions. It also helped that I had been dealing with my local Mac Man, Claudio Zanobini, for the past three years and I could see that he enjoyed the business. After speaking at length with him and meeting Pete Taylor – the Mac Tools Regional Manager for the area – my mind was made up.”


For many people like Anthony, who make the move to self-employment with a Mac Tools franchise, the reason for doing so is a desire to make wholesale lifestyle changes; a need to remove stress or to make a fresh start. In Anthony’s case, he wanted to see more of his family, which he was unable to do due to his working week regularly exceeding 60 hours – the workshop he was controlling opened from 6am until 10pm.

However, since becoming a Mac Man, Anthony’s life has changed for the better, as he explains, “Since being with Mac Tools I still have to put in a lot of hours, but I get out what I put in and that means more flexibility. Thanks to the franchise, I now have much more time for my family. I am normally home around 5.30pm – 6.00pm, which allows me time with my children before they go to bed. Once they are settled I can go out and restock the van later in the evening. The business isn’t pressure-free of course, but it’s a positive pressure and is certainly a lot less stressful than my previous role. I can honestly say I enjoy what I am doing now.”

Excellent support

The enjoyment Anthony gets from running his own Mac Tools franchise comes in part from his previous work in the automotive business. “I find as a trained technician I can relate to my customers and it helps me to understand their needs.”

The experience Anthony has brought to the role can also be seen in the way in which he talks about customer service. “Being from the management side of things, customer service is high on my list of priorities. I always endeavour to make sure all of my customers’ expectations are met.”

As with all franchisees, Anthony has the continual backing of the Mac Tools team. “The support from Mac Tools has been first class,” is how he describes the assistance he receives. “One of the best things about the franchise is that despite having your own business, you never feel that you are alone. If there is a problem that needs resolving or if I have a technical question, there is always someone I can call at head office.

“With the initial start-up of the business, the team at Mac Tools helped with every aspect, from van hire-purchase right through to stationery, business cards, etc. and when I went live, I knew I was really ready.

“Thanks to that great start, I’ve been able to build the business and meet some great people along the way.”

Daily life

The vast majority of the people Anthony has met over the past year as a Mac Man have been the customers he is meeting on a day-to-day basis. However, while no two days are the same for a Mac Tools franchisee, Anthony has summed up a typical day on the road.

“I usually start by making sure I have all orders loaded on the van ready for delivery. Then it’s on to planning the day’s route. This is something that I quickly picked up as I got to know my target market; where to go and who will usually make a purchase. It’s an enjoyable experience and I try to make it as much fun as possible by getting to know my customers and what they enjoy, as I find this helps with closing the sales. Generally, I’ll make 25 stops a day with anywhere between one and 12 technicians in each garage. Duties include making sales, collecting money, taking care of any rare warranty issues, and dealing with general enquiries. At the end of the day, once I’ve returned home, I make sure my van is restocked and clean ready for the next day.”

Talk to your customers

The above gives an insight into just how much Anthony is enjoying life, now that he has made the move from working for someone else to being his own boss with Mac Tools. He feels that everyone should take the same step if they have the opportunity to do so and he has these words of advice for those that want to follow his example, “Talk to your customers and get to know them. Understand their needs, and try and give them a resolution to their tooling problems. Demonstrating tools is a massive thing because mechanics are hands on, so a picture just doesn’t appeal as much as trying out the product. Other than that, simply enjoy yourself knowing you’re your own boss and that you’re responsible for your own success.”

Interested in finding out more about the franchise? Take a look at Mac Tool’s franchise profile on Reed Commercial now.

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