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Franchisee Focus: Driving Miss Daisy (Chris White)

Driving Miss Daisy is a franchise that’s shaking up the care and companionship industry, offering an invaluable service to hundreds of vulnerable people across the UK.

We met with franchisee, Chris White, and he introduced us to the Driving Miss Daisy franchise:

About Driving Miss Daisy

‘We are a transportation company primarily, and we also give companionship along the way. We are very similar to a taxi company as we take people from A to B, but a very large part of the business is giving companionship to people too.’

Providing companionship

‘A client, Rosemary, has the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease and needs both companionship and support. A typical appointment with Rosie would be going to her house, make sure that she is okay then taking her shopping and giving her support around the shops, ensuring that she purchases what she needs for the next week. [Finally,]  we come back to the house and helping her put the shopping away.

[We help] anybody that is potentially vulnerable which includes transporting children to school.’

Combatting loneliness

‘We have started doing lots of social outings and trips with customers.

We find that for a lot of people, the only time that they leave the house is when we transport them to doctors or hospital appointments. To change this, we thought of other fun things that we could do with together, for example, transporting them to tea rooms or getting a group people them together – rather than just transporting one of them in the car, we’re getting three or four of them in the car, bringing the cost per trip down for them whilst giving them the chance to socialise. So many of our customers are stuck in their homes for days and weeks without company, so this is a very rewarding part of the business.

Almost all customers transported in the last 12 months have become regular customers ranging from monthly bookings to thrice weekly.’

Key attributes of a Daisy franchisee

  • Someone with a caring nature
  • Somebody that can empathise with people
  • A friendly and approachable person

Franchisee training and support

‘There is a huge amount of support available on an ongoing basis. When you start with Driving Miss Daisy there is an initial two-day training course that includes everything that you need to know, from how to answer the phone to how to use our management system, to how to train the reserve drivers and marketing.’

From business ownership to employment

‘A lot of the franchisees coming joining us are going to be moving from employment to business ownership. We can assist them everything, from the setup of their limited company, right through to their business accounts.’

You can find out more about Driving Miss Daisy by visiting their franchise profile now.

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