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Put on your diddi dancing shoes this autumn…

It’s been proven that performing arts such as dance are of enormous benefit to children’s health.

Children’s franchise diddi dance provides a great business opportunity for those who want to enrich children’s lives, specifically toddlers. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of learning performing arts from a young age and to see whether diddi dance is for you.

How can performing arts help toddlers

First of all, beginning to dance as a toddler can help nurture a child’s ability to understand music and keep them active. Children are more likely to develop an interest in physical activity and exercising from a very early age.

Secondly, dancing from a young age can really help a child’s confidence. By widening the range of movements and engaging various muscles through dance, a child’s coordination skills improve and they become accustomed to being active outside their comfort zone. Dancing, even for toddlers, can involve quite a bit of fun experimenting, which teaches children the importance of finding different approaches to problems. Dancing is also an interactive activity, and group dance classes can help form a foundation for the future development of a child’s social skills.

Is diddi dance for me?

Working with children is not for everyone, but those who genuinely love it experience rewards unlike the ones they’ve ever experienced working in other fields. The diddi dance franchise established in 2010 allows people who love working with kids an amazing opportunity to build their business on their own exclusive territory that comes with exclusive rights to the trademark.

Along with the exclusive territory, the franchise package offers full training in the style of the dance offered by the franchise, class syllabus tailored specifically towards toddlers and their development, and lesson plans developed in accordance with the syllabus. In addition, you would receive a kit with the franchise stationery, operational manual and marketing materials. You would also have full usage of the CRM system for your client management needs. All of the above is provided in exchange for start-up costs of £4,995+VAT.

In order to become a diddi dance franchisee, you would, of course have to love working with children and be able to communicate with them, as well as with adults. CRB checks are also mandatory. Working with children is fun but also requires a lot of hard work and energy, which you would have to be willing to put in on a daily basis. Enthusiasm is another important requirement.

If you have the above qualities and can provide the start-up costs, you are likely the right person for diddi dance franchise. Being a diddi dance franchisee means that you would receive everything we’ve outlined above, but there are also other benefits of being involved with the business. First of all, you would be able to hire teachers and instructors in accordance with the franchise guidelines, if you don’t have the time to teach yourself. This would provide you with more time for your own personal commitments, such as your family. Second of all, you would have complete freedom to promote and advertise within your territory as you see fit. And last, but definitely not least, with a business like diddi dance, you have a real chance to become an important part of your local community, integral to the lives of the children.

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