Calling all Bright Sparks – Mr. Electric wants you!

Mr. Electric’s successful performance over the last two decades in the electrical contracting market is a testament to the business’ skills and client relations.

This successful franchise takes care of its clients and its people. Keep reading to find out if Mr. Electric is the right franchise for you.

15 years in business

Mr. Electric franchise has survived many twists and turns of the industry and shows no signs of slowing down after over 15 years of being in business. This is because they genuinely value their customers and, in order to retain them, invest in their people’s skills and knowledge in accordance with the industry’s demands. One of these demands is the advancement of the sustainability agenda, and Mr. Electric’s franchisees employ energy-saving products in their work.

These years of experience are a testament to Mr. Electric’s commitment to being the best in their field and to how much their customers have come to appreciate them. This is one of the main assets of the Mr. Electric brand. Another asset is its people, including its franchisees. While the equipment is very important, it’s worth little if the people don’t employ it in order to deliver the best service possible to the customers, and Mr. Electric franchisees know that very well. They also know that the electrical services industry is far from dormant and is expected to have very high revenue figures in the next few years. Mr. Electric’s years of experience, taking advantage of projected growths of the kind are a testament to the fact that the franchise is unlikely to miss their chance to take advantage of these projections as well. Given that the energy-saving tendency is also gaining momentum, and the fact that Mr. Electric franchisees employ products of the kind in their work, the franchise is only going to grow even more in the next few years. And if you join the franchise, you would be an integral part of all that.


You don’t have to be an electrical expert to become a Mr Electric Franchisee

Mr. Electric franchise offers its customers electrical installation and maintenance services and solutions to their energy saving issues. The franchise offers it’s franchisees the opportunity to learn new skills, nurture their talents and ultimately, the opportunity to run a successful business of their own.  Franchisees are accepted from a range of different backgrounds, some offering electrician skills and others business managements skills. Mr. Electric franchisees do not need to have either a business or electrician’s  skillset, as the franchise offers a comprehensive training package. The franchisees’ success largely depends on how they conduct and manage their business, and the training offered by Mr. Electric would give them the necessary skills and knowledge to do so successfully. Technical support is also provided, along with any assistance with complying with any relevant legislation.

Cooperation and collaboration

All of the above is offered by the Mr. Electric franchise in exchange for start-up costs of £20,000. The franchise’s success stems from cooperation and collaboration. They, therefore, expect their franchisees to be able to work with others and to be prepared to share ideas. The strength of the brand comes from their top-level client service. That is why Mr. Electric prefer their franchisees to have some customer service experience and to uphold that primary value of the brand when they conduct business on their territory.

Ready to take the next step? Get in touch with Mr Electric today and start your franchise journey with this trusted brand.

Sandy Purewal

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