The global gadget revolution and franchising

Britain is a nation obsessed with gadgets.

From smartphones and tablets to kitchen appliances and even the technology in our cars, gadgets are apparent in most areas of our day-to-day lives. Though we rely on them for most of our everyday tasks, when gadgets start malfunctioning, they can lead to stress and inconvenience.

But let’s focus on the positives to start with! Such is our obsession and need for gadgets that the technology industry has previously been predicted to become one of the UK’s main source of income and Jason Bradbury, the presenter of the popular television show The Gadget Show, has even stated that it is “the route of our future”. In addition, Bradbury also believes that the UK’s “income and security” throughout the coming years will be influenced by our ability to become the “leading ideas factory of the world”.

With so much creativity in the technology sector, let’s take a look at some of the stand-out products that have captured the industry’s attention in recent times:

  • Air introduced a beautifully-designed Bluetooth audio speaker which levitates from its base.
  • The Edyn Garden Sensor and Water Valve system is an innovative gardening system which tracks environmental conditions with the aim to maximise the potential for plant growth. The system also includes an app which, along with other parts of the system, recommends what to plant and even examines the quality of the soil.
  • Noke is a Bluetooth-enabled padlock, which removes the need for keys and remembering complicated combinations.

These are just three examples of the innovation that is apparent in the technology sector, but there are many others areas where gadgets have become almost a necessity. One example is in the kitchen; as a nation, the UK spent a record-breaking £897 million on small kitchen appliances in 2015 with many industry figures predicting this upward trend to continue. Another area where gadgets are having more and more of an impact is sport and fitness. From innovative smartwatches such as FitBits to Adidas’s development of a football which tracks everything from the speed in a player’s strike to the spin and contact point.

With such reliance on our gadgets, it is little wonder that when they don’t work or if they completely malfunction, we can become incredibly irritated and with our lives becoming increasingly hectic, there is a pressure to get them working again as fast as possible. This need is something that mobile technology experts FoneDoctor recognise all too well.

More mobile phones than people

FoneDoctor has over 30 years of experience in repairing gadgets that we use all the time, from mobile phones to wearable technology. With 93% of UK adults owning a mobile phone and with the number of mobile phones in use in the UK currently outnumbering the population, the mobile technology sector is thriving, and FoneDoctor provides an easy, no-fuss solution when our mobiles break or go missing. From its initial beginnings as a repairer of small household appliances, FoneDoctor is now one of the biggest names in the business, and the franchise’s friendly staff are also on hand to give advice and guidance on models.

Technology boom

It is clear that the UK is experiencing a technology ‘boom’, with Brits spending over £3billion on repairs for their gadgets over the last five years and this vast amount of spending is sure to continue as we find new, revolutionary solutions to problems. Of course, with so much technology around in almost every aspect of our lives, it is inevitable that problems will happen, but with FoneDoctor’s quality service and expertise, it is a reassurance to know that help will be on hand should these problems arise.


This boom in technology has led to gadget franchises like FoneDoctor becoming more and more viable for gadget lovers to turn their passion into a business. FoneDoctor itself already has ten successful stores in operation across the UK, with quality customer service, enthusiasm, and expertise being at the forefront of the franchise’s success, as well as recognising the need to adapt to their customers’ lifestyles. As a gadget franchise owner, people with a passion for gadgets and technology can gain a much better work-life balance and become their own boss. It goes without saying that this enthusiasm is highly important but are there any other skills you need to run a gadget franchise?

The answer, in short, is not always. As long as you are approachable, dedicated and can demonstrate good customer service skills, the rest of the skills that you might need can either be taught by your franchisor or learnt as you go. And you don’t always need to have a deep knowledge of gadgets; again, this can be learnt as you go along your franchise journey. The main skill that you will need is confidence in yourself and the products or services that your franchise offers; the rest will soon follow.

Become a FoneDoctor franchisee

To find out more about FoneDoctor, or to set up your own technology franchise, contact us here at Reed Commercial.

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