Ready to start your own Business franchise?

Top three reasons to own a business franchise right now...

  1. Choose your own hours to fit around your lifestyle.
  2. Take control of your income - many franchise turnover £100k a year.
  3. Unleash your potential in an industry worth £20 billion to the UK economy.

Three featured franchises to consider...

e² Young Engineers franchise


Investment: £20,000

We identify and show our clients how much spare capacity they have in their business – this is the ability to take on more customers without increasing fixed costs. Currently, over 60% of businesses experience spare capacity on a regular basis costing hundreds of billions in lost revenue yearly.

Tots Play franchise


Investment: £20,000

If working with people and businesses gives you that special buzz and satisfaction it is imperative you take a closer look at what LMI-UK has to offer toward your future. There is no greater satisfaction from life than helping ‘others’ grow, realise their potential and achieve success.

Make Believe franchise


Investment: £9,000

Franchisees can start easily with low costs, working from home with just a phone, computer and internet connection and offer a complete range of telecommunication services that businesses and consumers use every day.

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