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Work from home: The secret to a healthy work/life balance

Manage your own team, from home

Many people struggle to find the perfect balance between career and life outside of work, causing them to miss valuable time with their family and friends. If you’re looking to break out of the career trap and take your life back, a great way to earn money while retaining your connection with those most important to you is to work from home.

It can be difficult to find a career that facilitates this, however certain entrepreneurial ventures are easily managed from your home. Starting a business from scratch can be challenging, that’s why investing in a franchise can be an excellent option. While not all franchises can be managed at home, contract-cleaning franchises are perfect for this. Below are some of the best cleaning franchises that allow you the comforts of working from home.

1. Molly Maid UK Ltd

Molly Maid UK Ltd franchise

Molly Maid is one of the largest and most prominent domestic cleaning providers in the UK with over 30 years of stellar service and growth. It is an iconic brand in the domestic cleaning industry and is a strong business choice for any entrepreneur looking to work from home. With full training and start-up materials provided, you’ll have your own team of quality cleaners in no time

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2. Ecocleen Services Ltd

Ecocleen Services Ltd franchise

If you want to break into the commercial sector, Ecocleen Services Ltd. is the perfect franchise with which to do so. It differentiates itself from other cleaning services by focusing on environmentally sustainable cleaning practise. In a world that is becoming progressively more mindful of environmental issues, you can capitalise on this growing demand, while doing your part for the earth, all from the comfort of your home.

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3. Thomas Cleaning Franchise

Thomas Cleaning Franchise

Building strong relationships with your clients is important for ensuring that you have regular business and the Thomas Cleaning Franchise is well known for creating valuable connections with people. You’ll be able to benefit greatly from this established brand and with extensive business training and marketing support, you’ll soon have a loyal client base that becomes extremely easy to manage from your home.

Thomas Cleaning Franchise

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4. Trojan Commercial Cleaning

Trojan Commercial Cleaning franchise

By catering to large businesses and establishments such as GP surgeries, offices, nurseries and schools, Trojan Commerical Cleaning never sees a lull in the demand for its services. You’ll receive all the training you need to manage a group of dedicated cleaners from you home, allowing you to be your own boss and reconnect with your family and friends. Stand out from the cleaning service pack by focusing on industrial cleaning and infection control with this promising franchise.

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5. Dolly Char

Dolly Char franchise

By investing time in matching each cleaner with the right client, Dolly Char’s model of customer focused service reduces the need for regular micromanagement, so you can keeping things running smoothly from your home without stress. For over 10 years this model has proven time and time again how maid/client matching can ensure your business continues to grow. Join Dolly Char and you’ll be sure to have your life back in no time.

Click here to find out more about owning a Dolly Char franchise.

All of the above franchises are exceptional choices for any budding entrepreneur looking to start a business from home. Always remember that starting a business will require a hands-on approach at first, but with the support of the franchises and careful selection of your team, your business will be right where you want it to be. Don’t limit the time you could be spending with your family, invest in a cleaning franchise and work from home and you won’t regret it. Check out Reed Commercial’s extensive list of cleaning franchises to find the perfect fit for you.

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