Be your own boss: work from home

A home based franchise doesn’t require brick and mortar location and can be run comfortably from the home or your desired location.

There are many verticals which are available such as travel services, tutoring, in-home care, cleaning, business services, and home services.

£15bn Industry

The franchising industry contributed over £15 billion to the UK economy; there are an estimated 22,400 franchisees in total, with one in four running multiple units. UK franchisees employ 594,000 staff. Just under one third of franchises operating in the UK are members of the British Franchise Association (BFA).1

The employment generated by franchising is at the core of its contribution to the economy as a whole. It is calculated that some 364,000 people are directly employed in the Franchising sector in UK.2

Many of these people reap the benefits of working from home which include saving time, the expense and stress associated with long commutes. What’s more, they benefit from a flexible schedule, more time for family life and they can avoid the cost associated with leasing office space.

Is launching a home-based franchise right for you?

If you want to make more time for your personal interests and hobbies, then many home-based franchises will afford you with that luxury whilst earning an income.

When you’re working from home, you are in control of the hours you work and the level of income you will earn. This has proven to be beneficial – Seventy percent of home-based businesses survive at least three years, compared to just 29 percent of businesses with storefront locations.3

Many people are interesting in franchising is because they want a total change in lifestyle. If you are an inspiring entrepreneur and value flexibility, control over your working hours, and quality of life then a home-based franchise could be the right business for you.

Home-based franchises tend to cost less to buy, because no capital is necessary to obtain retail space or pay the overhead a physical location requires.

What are the different types of home-based franchise business available?


There are many education franchises available that can be run from home offering tuition services to pupils of all ages and abilities. There are also franchises that are home-based but involve visits to schools or community centers to teach a variety of classes. The focus may be on computer technology or art or advanced math and can be also be a subject that is not covered in the usual school curriculum.


Many service franchises can be run from a home office. There are a huge variety of businesses in this sector, providing such services as lawn care, window coverings, dog bathing, cleaning, mosquito spraying or handyman services. This also includes fitness businesses, with personal training services available to clients in their homes or in outdoor spaces.


There are also retail businesses, selling to both consumers and businesses that operate out of a home office. The owner may provide a product from a kiosk or cart or sell items by mail or over the internet. Inventory is generally limited or is stored in a warehouse.

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