30% of UK franchisees are women: what’s behind their success?

30% of franchises are now owned by women, and with four of the last seven individual winners of the BFA Franchise of the Year Award being women too, it is great to see achievements being recognised.

So, what is behind their success?


Franchising can present a great opportunity for women looking to balance a career with family life. With many franchises offering flexible hours which can easily fit around the franchisee’s other commitments, achieving this balance is much easier. There are several franchises that allow you to work from home so the commute to and from the office and issues with childcare are both removed.

In many cases, franchising can offer a route into a completely different career and so it can be an option for women looking to step out of a corporate environment and follow their true passions in life. Franchises are available in nearly all sectors, and most franchise branches provide full training to work around the franchisee.


By setting up their own franchise, women now have had a greater platform to truly excel and at their own pace.

For women whose main ambition is be the CEO of a company, this is where franchising really comes into its own. If the franchise has a particular product or service that you firmly believe in or relate to, franchising allows you the opportunity to turn this passion into your own business with the identity and image of the franchisor to give your business a solid presence.


Though franchising means that you will work for yourself, it does not mean you work by yourself. Franchisors have different franchisees operating in different areas of the country, known as territories, and this can help you feel part of a community with all the help and support that you need.

Some franchises bring together all their franchisees for celebration or networking events, so these can allow you to gain advice from other people in your situation and who may already be seeing the rewards of franchising.

What’s next?

If you feel that you are ready to take the next step in your career, or if you feel that franchising would be perfect for you, check out the franchises that are available, Alernitavely, you can visit Encouraging Women into Franchising, who provide free advice for women looking to own a franchise.

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