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What are the benefits of working from home?

For many people, working from home can be an ideal way to achieve the perfect work-life balance.

While it isn’t for everyone, the option to work from home is now available in many industries, both as your own boss or as an employee.

In order to find out what the benefits of working from home are, we’ve conducted a OnePoll survey of 400 individuals who currently work from home to take a look at how, working from home can result in success for you and your business.

Why work from home?

To begin with, we asked our respondents why they chose to work from home. By far the most common reason to work from home seems to be the increased flexibility it allows, people value being able to work flexible hours which fit in around childcare and other life commitments. As one mum put it, “I could do the school run and work hours that suit me… and also be around more in the school holidays.”

Many found it more convenient, and some said that they chose to work from home to save money on the commute. Some respondents said that working from home made working with a disability much easier, as their homes were already fitted to accommodate their physical needs. Sole traders and business owners who work from home quoted their lower costs and fewer overheads as their primary motivations, and of course, for some people, the nature of their job requires them to work from home.

The benefits of working from home

We also asked our telecommuters what they see as the biggest benefits of working from home. As you might expect, many mentioned the flexibility of their working arrangements, both in terms of being able to choose their own working hours and taking breaks as and when they like.

Many employees who work from home seem to find it a little more like being your own boss, even if technically you’re working for somebody else. As one respondent puts it, there’s “nobody scrutinising your moves”, and another enjoys having the “freedom to make my own decisions.”

Others simply seem to appreciate the comforts of home – the “easy access to food and drinks” and “not having to dress up for work” – while others simply celebrate being through with some of the daily hassles of office life: “No office politics. No commuting. Peace!”

Advice from the home front

Finally, we asked our respondents for their advice to others looking to work from home. The number one tip? Self-discipline. Many advise that it’s best to set working hours and stick to them, and another says you should “work as you would in an office”. It’s easier to get distracted working from home, so keeping a routine and staying organised can help you to stay motivated. Conversely, some also said that setting office hours can prevent you from spending too much time working, too. Others advised keeping up with paperwork and making sure to get help with your tax assessments if you need it.

And, of course, there was one last piece of advice that kept cropping up: “do it!”. If you want to work at your own pace in your own place, take a look at our home-based franchises for sale.

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