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How to use customer service to make your franchise thrive

Your level of customer service shapes the way you are perceived by the outside world. As a franchise owner, customer service should be at the forefront of everything you do.

Done well, it can reinforce brand values which are already strong, and ensure a loyal customer base for the future. Many successful business owners live by the principle that, to be successful in business, you need more than an excellent product or service, customer service is key.

Both yourself as an owner and your frontline staff should make an effort to get to know your customers as well as possible.

Are they a regular?

What is their usual order?

Do you know their name?

Asking these questions of yourself and your staff can enable you to provide the personal touches to your service that breed loyalty.

Customer Satisfaction

While knowing your own products inside and out is important, it is also essential to get to grips with what satisfies your customers – after all, isn’t that what a service industry is there to do? Many companies measure their overall customer satisfaction using The Net Promoter Score to ascertain their ‘Promoters’ and ‘Detracters’ using a simple survey. Why not create a customer survey and review the responses, looking carefully at what makes your customer happy, and what they don’t particularly want or like? Once you have a clear picture of their preferences in your mind, you will be best placed to deliver the best customer service you can, every time.

Careful Planning

Plan your promotions carefully to increase customer satisfaction. Is there a public holiday or celebration around the corner? Make sure you don’t miss out on any opportunities to market your products while injecting your franchise with the spirit of the community around it. Pay attention to what people like to buy, and when they prefer to buy it. You must have your ears to the ground in order to excel in customer service.

Hire wisely

Hiring carefully should be another priority. Employees who score highly on customer service skills are generally ‘people-friendly’ – able to easily strike up relationships with visitors to your business. Job boards like¬†are a great place to start finding candidates. You should have amiability and a good nature at the front of your mind when interviewing for positions that demand a high level of customer service.

Customer service doesn’t come naturally to everybody, however. For this reason, it is beneficial to take advantage of every training opportunity your franchisor might offer, as well as considering your own options for staff who could take a lot from customer service based training courses.

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