What do UK consumers want in a franchise?

Are you considering taking on or setting up a franchise business in the UK?

To ensure long term business success, you need to ‘think customer’; businesses that know how to meet and exceed consumer expectations know success.

In order to get a better understanding of what consumers want in a franchise, Reed Commercial conducted a OnePoll survey of 1000 individuals from across the UK. More than half (53.1%) of Brits surveyed said that they use franchises up to five times a month. What’s more, over 20% of Brits say that they would be more likely to select a service or store if it is part of a franchise.

Some of the top responses from the research are found below:

What are the most important aspects of a franchise to consumers?

  1. Quality of product 57.30% (573 votes)
  2. Quality of service 53% (530 votes)
  3. Value 52.70% (527 votes)
  4. Convenience 32.40% (324 votes)
  5. Customer service 31.20% (312 votes)

What encourages consumers to use a franchise again?

  1. Getting a good deal 51.70% (517 votes)
  2. Customer service 43% (430 votes)
  3. Loyalty card 40.70% (407 votes)
  4. Perks/promotions 37.40% (374 votes)
  5. Promotional emails 13.50% (135 votes)

How important is good customer service to consumers?

  1. Very important 52.40% (524 votes)
  2. Somewhat important 33.50% (335 votes)

The top 3 customer services communication methods

  1. Email 56.40% (564 votes)
  2. In-person 32.30% (323 votes)
  3. Phone 29.80% (298 votes)

See the infographic below for insights and information that will help you launch and develop a franchise that puts the customer first.

what do UK consumers want in a franchise

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